Skylords Reborn

BattleForge uses a unique game mechanic called void power. Whenever you cast a spell or ability, or whenever your units or buildings are destroyed, a portion of the power spent is recycled into the void pool (usually 90%). This power is returned to the power pool over time.

Understanding void power is crucial to being succesful in the game, as it is the key to using your limited power supply efficiently.


This table lists which things give void power. The percentage is based on the modified cost of the unit, building or spell if you have any cost reducing effects. The power that would be gained as void power when a unit or building dies is called bound power, since it is bound on the battlefield until the unit or building dies.

Source Gained Void Power Lost Power
Icon Unit.png Unit dies 90% 10%
Icon Unit.png Unit summoned by ability or spell dies 0% 0%
Icon Building.png Building destroyed 90% 10%
Fortification Wall Entity Icon.png Fortification Wall destroyed 100% 0%
Power Well Entity Icon.png Power Well destroyed 0% 100%
Monument Entity Icon.png Orb destroyed 0% 100%
Icon Spell.png Spell cast 90% 10%
Card Icon Active.png Active ability used 90% 10%
Card Icon Toggle.png Toggle ability used 100% 0%
Repair costs 100% 0%
Special cases
  • Units summoned by spells or abilities bind no power and give no void refund, because they were never played as a card. Instead the spell or ability used to summon the unit refunds power as usual.
  • Units that are mindcontrolled refund power as if they were killed. The spell, abilty or creature (a.e. Parasite Swarm) that was the source of the mind control effect refunds power right away. This means that mindcontrolled units bind no power.
Recycling rate

The current void pool and the recycling rate is displayed on the UI next to the minimap.

Every second 1% of void power is added back into the power pool, even though the display only shows an integer of void power flow every 2 seconds, the power calculation is done with floating numbers. There is no minimum void recycling rate, but the maximum is capped at 10 power per second (+20 power per 2 seconds in display) which is reached at 1'000 void power.

For example if you have 369 void power the recycling rate is 369*1% = 3.69 power every second, which gets multiplied by 2 (3.69*2 = 7.38) and rounded down to the next integer 7. However you will receive 3.69 power back that second.

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Power Flow

The following picture shows a complete overview of the power flow, combining the information about power wells and void power. It is important that you are aware of how power is recycled when playing BattleForge! Power flow2.png

Power flow.png

In addition to the depicted energy flow, certain card abilties can move power from one pool to another pool directly. For example Energy Parasite or Shrine of War.


  • Whenever you do not have a use for a building, unit or wall it is often best to delete it to gain power back through the void and use that power for something else.
  • Losing a power well or monument is a permanent power disadvantage and could potentially lose you the match. So protect them at all costs. Repairing wells and monuments is expensive but you get a full refund.

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