Skylords Reborn
Skylords Reborn

What are Units?

Units make up the bulk of any deck and are the centerpiece of any game. It is through the units that objectives are completed, battles are waged, and rewards are pillaged. Units are a required asset, and without them there can be no victory.

Units are the entities that populate any game or match, whether friend or foe. They are a key aspect in gameplay as without them there would be no proper opposition nor a way to accomplish objectives. They are what participates in combat & wage war on the opposing faction.

Unit Info

Northguards Card Artwork.png

All units accessible to the player have four constants

  • Power - The energy necessary to play them out.
  • Orbs - The number of elemental orbs needed to play them out.
  • Size - The units size, dictating its presence and potential counters.
  • Weapon - The units weapon type, dictating what size creature it counters.

Each of these factors are consistent between all units, although the details of each may differ they remain constant as conceptual aspects to a unit.

Unit Squads

All small units are split up into squads, typically consisting of six, four, or two units. These cards do possess the same constants as any other card, but their stats are split between the units that make up the squad.

The Northguards for example, have their attack strength and hit points split six ways, due to having six men in one squad. This makes each individual unit weak, but the full group capable of combat.

Squads are quite vulnerable to being weakened as they sustain damage, due to some of their units dying if they take too much damage which reduces the groups total hit points and attack strength. Squads that suffer this are often destroyed by their skylord masters to recycle their power through void and create a fresh one.

Squads that have lost men CAN be saved however, through regenerative effects or spells they can revive their fallen and return to full strength. However, regeneration by standing near friendly structures will not apply and will only restore the health of the members still alive.

One advantage of squads is a surprising resistance to splash if they split up. Most squads take massive damage from any splash effect if they get hit by it, due to the damage hitting all members. However, a squad which holds position and does not reform after being knocked around can potentially get to such a position that splash damage will not affect them any further, effectively making them immortal against whatever is causing the damage. Though this does not always work, it can be a life-saver in some situations.


Units which are of L or XL size, or M units with the Trample passive are able to knock around units of a smaller size by simply walking into them. In most cases, this will only apply to Small units which often knocks around and disperses the squad. XL units are able to trample Medium units as well, but cannot trample L units.

Trampling can be very useful to get through smaller threats and focus on the real problem at hand. However, not all opponents can be knocked around by trampling, some are steadfast and resist any form of knockback often forcing a fight. Other times there can be a payback effect in which trampling would actually incur damage in return, making trampling risky.