Skylords Reborn

Unholy Hero is a Tier 4 (Tokenslot Orb Neutral.pngTokenslot Orb Neutral.pngTokenslot Orb Neutral.pngTokenslot Orb Shadow.png) Icon Spell.pngSpell of the Shadow faction. This common card was released with the Twilight Edition and has no affinity variants, nor a promo version.
In Skylords Reborn this card is available to all players as a starter card.

This card has been changed already, compared to its original appearance in BattleForge.

A late-game buff spell that grants a Tremendous boost to damage, but incurs a pain link to the unit.


This card has no associated lore.

Card Info

War Cry
The targeted friendly unit will deal 150 / 175 / 200 / 200% more damage for 20 seconds but 150 / 150 / 150 / 100% of all damage done to it is additionally also distributed among all friendly entities within a 15m radius. Reusable every 20 seconds.

Card Upgrades & Drop Locations

Displayed below are the card's upgrades and where to obtain them.

Unholy Hero Card Icon.png Unholy Hero Upgrade I Upgrade II Upgrade III
Upgrade Card
Unholy Hero
Unholy Hero
Unholy Hero
Drop Location King of the Giants Minimap.jpg King of the Giants King of the Giants Minimap.jpg King of the Giants King of the Giants Minimap.jpg King of the Giants
Scenario Difficulty Standard Advanced Expert


Patch History

Patch #400031
  • War Cry:
    • Improved ability tooltip description to be more consistent.
Patch #400030
  • War Cry:
    • Changed damage spread from 150 / 150 / 125 / 100% to 150 / 150 / 150 / 100%.
    • Rephrased upgrade and ability descriptions to be more consistent.

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