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Twilight are one of the nine playable Factions in BattleForge. They're represented by the colour combination of red and green; all Twilight cards have a red and green border.


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Twilight cards in BattleForge are cards that are hybrids between damage and health. Their faction trait Transformation allows Twilight cards to permanently transform into another Twilight card. Twilight cards however are poor at defending and have a limited amount of ranged units.


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The Twilight or Twilight-cursed are not a faction or a group with a common goal or culture. They're beings that have been struck by the Twilight curse. The affliction has changed their bodies and burns away at their spirit, replacing it with a common desire for destruction. They have no real leaders, but they tend to gather around the most powerful of their kind. Sometimes, it seems there is a collective urge that drives or draws them to specific places, but no mind has been known to give them orders.

They're the enemies of all life but don't take pleasure in what they do: instead, they seem stricken with deep despair. It is as if they're enduring terrible pain and only destruction provides them with any hope of relief.

The curse can be transmitted via touch or spells, or it can simply spread through the ground or air itself. Depending upon the exposure, it takes from minutes to days for the curse to take full effect on a victim.
— The Elemental Powers

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