Skylords Reborn
Skylords Reborn

Titans is a 4-player PvE scenario that can be played on Standard, Advanced and Expert difficulty. It is part of the campaign story The Titans.

A goddess of nature and a titan of fire clash near Lyr while Rogan lures the king of the giants there to decide the battle.



 While Kayle carried out his desperate plan with the enraged Giant King, Brannoc and Viridya’s struggle reached the outskirts of Lyr. As they fought on, wild magic ravaged the landscape and their frenzied minions tore apart buildings and people with equal abandon. The fledgling capital of the northern humans faced certain destruction.
— The Aedai Chronicles

Rogan could hear the screams from a distance, the battling titans must have reached the outer border of Lyr. The Narne Vale was ablaze already, he could see scorched earth everywhere. No doubt Brannoc’s fiery minions had battled with the trees of the Vale that came alive at Viridya’s command.

He could see houses in ruins, some of them newly rebuilt farmsteads. He could remember the names of those farmers, could remember the care-worn faces of their families as they had set out to reclaim their ravaged homes. Rogan had no breath left for curses as he hurried towards the vale, where Fire and Nature had gone insane.


 Jorne’s arrival sparked an ancient, deep-rooted hate in the spirit of the Soultree. Viridya’s focus wavered. In that heartbeat Brannoc struck her down mightily, ending their struggle. Thus victorious, his rage turned to the Giant King.

But the mortal hopes and dreams that gave the Skylord shape turned to hate in the face of his dark deeds. Brannoc’s power faltered. Thus weakened the other Skylords and Jorne were able to destroy him.

As Brannoc’s spirit passed into the realm of death he finally saw he had been used. Blinded by love and desire, he had been forged into a weapon of darkness.

A great regret swept through the former Skylord. He sent a message to Moon, telling her the curse had been whispered to him by the Harbinger, a terrible creature of the dark that prowled the border between life and death.
— The Aedai Chronicles

Brannoc fell. The doubting remains of his soul plunged down through a maelstrom of chaos. He had just slain his only daughter, Viridya. The little girl who had played on his doorstep and listened to his tall tales, the only reminder of his beloved, Meanen, was dead by his own hand. But he could still make things right, he would bring his wife back, he could bring them all back. The whispers had promised. First he would make the giants pay, for it was they who had brought this all down on him.

He attacked the giant king. But when Brannoc felt Jorne weaken, his own strength seemed to fade. It felt as if his own self unravelled, losing elements of the past and present and with them fragments of power. As he watched the Skylord armies close in around him, Brannoc felt the stings of defeat and regret in equal measure.

Now, full of shame and frustration his soul raced across the face of the land. It reached the Passage of Akylos, the Bleak Shore, where the souls of the mortals awaited the ship to the Land of the Dead. But he could not enter.

“Not you.” the whispers denied him.

And Brannoc saw for the first time that which had whispered to his spirit all these years.

It was one who was many; the souls of mortals, the souls of beasts and the souls of dragons. A messenger from the land of the dead, far beyond the shores of Akylos had whispered the curse to him. They had made him both traitor and monstrosity though would not accept him as one of their own. And beside this many-faced horror that denied him passage, there stood a single figure of painful familiarity.

“We do not have much time.” Meanen Leafsinger’s soul spoke in a voice like distant song. “I am allowed to tell you this: souls have been trapped in the Wailing Lands. For millennia, none were able to pass into the paradise of Peaceful Light! The Gate of Ashia has been sealed!” Meanen’s face contorted with pain before she gathered herself and continued.

“We created the Harbinger and sent him to Akylos to find someone who would be our instrument, who would help destroy the world of the living. When all creation ends, the Gate will be destroyed and we can finally pass on.” Brannoc’s universe shifted in his heart.“The curse was the tool!” Meanan simply nodded, letting the truth wash over the former Skylord and titan.“Take this message to the living. The Key to Ashia or the end of all things...” Brannoc searched the apparition’s face.

“But I want to be with you... that is what drove me down this path!”

“You are already.”

Brannoc froze as a second form took shape beside his wife.

“I wish I had ever been that handsome.” The apparition smiled sadly. “You are what the people dreamed me to be after I was gone. The noble Skylord, companion to the gods.”

Brannoc looked at his true self with horror.

“You cannot enter here, Skylord.” The apparition shook its head slowly. “You are a dream made real by magic, just as are your gods.”

“The Forge...” the Skylord, Brannoc whispered.

“The prize paid for the Key to Ashia. A toy that provides fulfilment for the dreams of the living in exchange for the key to paradise.”

The pain-ridden stare of the souls went up to the cover of grey clouds.

Their words seemed to come from everywhere now, whispered, by the monstrous Harbinger and its hundred faces and echoed by thousands of voices in the mists. All whispered a single hateful thought.

“For the Wishbringer!”

As the Master of the Forge felt himself fade, as his very being unravelled in realization of what he had done, he screamed out. Obeying Meanen’s wish, he hurled his last thoughts into the void, hoping they would reach the one person he knew had loved what he had tried to be.


Titans Available Tier 1 Upgrades
(Total: 27)
Available Tier 2 Upgrades
(Total: 23)
Available Tier 3 Upgrades (Total: 23)
Scenario Difficulty Standard Advanced Expert
List of Card Upgrades


Position 1

This player is getting attacked by Spearmen Card Icon.png Spearmen, but those spearmen are also attacking the fire bases that you need to clear, so you can use that to your advantage. First get the wall up because the spearmen can get hard to deal with when you leave your t1 trying to push the middle fire base. One thing you could do is wait for the right nature base to send a spearmen unit and using it to help you attack the middle base. Hardest thing will be to deal with the Living Tower Card Icon.png Living Tower in the nature base to the right and the Makeshift Tower Card Icon.png Makeshift Tower in the middle fire base, both can destroy a t1 army. After managing to get the middle fire base you will want to quickly set up a t2, and get a couple of defense tower. One near your t1 defending it, and 2 next to your t2 defending it. After that you'll want to move right clearing the nature base and starting to attack the second fire base. There are constant spearmen waves coming to that nature base between the 2 fire bases, so you'll either want to skip the well that is sitting there or building another defense tower for that as well. In t2 you will want some siege units, because you will have to get through a wall rather fast. If you use shadow frost, you can use Lost Launcher Card Icon.png Lost Launcher red affinity as your defense tower, and Lost Dancer Card Icon.png Lost Dancer red affinity as your siege unit. The right fire base also holds two Sunderer Card Icon.png Sunderer defending it so you could use a Nightguard Card Icon.png Nightguard to take one of them, that could greatly help you. If you use other factions it might be harder to both defend and attack, but nature fire or nature frost can prove useful using breeding grounds to save power and strong t2 units to push the wall. After getting both fire bases and releasing the humans you can go left and clear the second nature base, stopping waves from coming to your t1, then continuing down to another nature base that holds your t4. if you find player 2 struggling in releasing the humans you can skip the t4 base and going to the next fire base releasing more humans and hopefully player 2 has released at least 3, making you release 9. then you can go up clearing the nature bases and spawn buildings allowing you to stop defending your t2 and t3 entirely and getting some power back from buildings. After that join player 3 and player 4 in pushing and ending the game.

Position 2

This position is similar to position 1 in every regard, but opposite in the factions its attacking. It is being attacked by Thugs Card Icon.png Thugs, having to clear a nature middle base that is also attacked by thugs, the nature base can prove hard to destroy because it has Living Tower Card Icon.png Living Tower and Mark of the Keeper Card Icon.png Mark of the Keeper defending it. One of the first things you'll want to do is take out the fire spwan tower that is right next to your T1 from the left. That spawn tower spawns magma hurlers that are attacking player 3. destroying it will make it easier for both of you. Both fire bases next to your t1 are being covered by 2 makeshift towers, those can prove a lot harder to kill, because they knock back small units. After killing the nature base, similar to player 1, you'll want to set up t2, defend your t1 from attacks coming from the right, and defend the t2 from attacks coming from the north. After doing that, you'll either want to attack the left nature base or right one. Killing both bases can become a lot easier using units like Fire Stalker Card Icon.png Fire Stalker and Razorshard Card Icon.png Razorshard. Going for the right base will allow you to clear the fire base next to it a lot faster, in case player 1 struggles with releasing humans, you can clear both bases back to back and getting 6 humans fast, including the 3 from the middle nature base. After that clear the nature base that is left and go up to clear the spawn buildings, moving up to help player 3 and 4 end the game.

Position 3

This player is getting attacked by Magma Hurler Card Icon.png Magma Hurler spawning from position 2. He is also getting attacked by Spikeroot Card Icon.png Spikeroot spawned from position 1 but they attack the fire base to the right first. For those reasons, you'll want to start shadow, getting Nightguard Card Icon.png Nightguard and taking over the incoming Magma Hurlers. After getting about 5 or 6 of them you can start pushing from the left side, while ignoring the right side, because the Spikeroots are still spawning and they are clearing the fire minions for you. On the left side you will encounter strong fire minions such as Sunderer Card Icon.png Sunderer and Emberstrike Card Icon.png Emberstrike, both of which are fairly easy to kill using your magma hurler army because magma hurlers are L counters and you have many of them. Consider using Life Weaving Card Icon.png Life Weaving to make sure the Embersrike doesn't kill any one of them. After killing the top side and starting to go down, depending on how fast you do it, the spikeroot might reach the top wall of the fire base that was there, you will need to clear the wall and the spikeroot, which already killed the entire fire base for you, and then moving forward into the middle and killing the nature base that was spawning the spikeroots. Hardest thing you will encounter in the nature base is a Mark of the Keeper Card Icon.png Mark of the Keeper which can prove harder to destroy than the rest of the units, you can use skeleton warriors or phase tower just in case you can't find the right spot to kill it with magma hurlers. After that continue going down and with a magma hurler army you will encounter no real threats, another Emberstrike and Vulcan Card Icon.png Vulcan and a Virtuoso Card Icon.png Virtuoso, should be easy for the magma hurlers. Move forward and open the gate, helping the rest of your team to win. Before opening the gate you will have to kill a Magma Fiend Card Icon.png Magma Fiend supported by an Emberstrike and 2 magma hurlers. That can prove harder than most fights because magma fiend is an XL unit and a Large counter, you will have to use some spells to help you kill it, such as Frenetic Assault Card Icon.png Frenetic Assault and Curse of Oink Card Icon.png Curse of Oink

Position 4

This player gets attacked by Spearmen Card Icon.png Spearmen so you want to place 2 towers behind your wells, you don't want them getting attacked and your orb can tank them just fine without even needing to repair it. Now moving up with a Nightguard Card Icon.png Nightguard green affinity and 2 or 3 Forsaken Card Icon.png Forsaken, using the nightguard to pull the Fathom Lord Card Icon.png Fathom Lord and taking him using her ability swap, pull him back to make sure he doesn't die and with another nightguard pull the Swamp Drake Card Icon.png Swamp Drake and take him as well. Now with a fathom lord and swamp drake you should be able to kill the top base without problems, using spells like life weaving to make sure both stay alive. You could now spawn another nightguard that will prove useful coming in to the next base as she can take over another Fathom Lord. Now with your nice t3 nature units you can clear the next base with ease. After getting t3 the easiest thing would be to go Batariel Card Icon.png Batariel red affinity and clearing the walls using Unholy Power Card Icon.png Unholy Power and life weaving, and Equilibrium Card Icon.png Equilibrium blue affinity if needed. Pushing with batariel is easy, you might even want to use his ability before the t4 to clear it faster. After that you push to the gate and continue with your team to kill Brannoc. If you find that your clear is slow and Jorne is about to come and you've yet to clear the t4 base, you can trap him using 3 phase towers, simply place them 1 next to other at about his spawn location making it impossible for him to go through, and after lowering the gate you can free him and move on. But be careful, if you don't free him and you move forward and you hurt Brannoc before Jorne got there, the map will bug and you won't be able to kill Brannoc.

How to end the game when you reach T4

There are a few ways to kill Brannoc effectively, but the longer the fight goes on the harder it is to kill him, with constant crystal spawning and Fire Dragon Card Icon.png Fire Dragon trying to kill you, you want to kill him as fast as possible. For that reason you will want to set up a Mutating Frenzy Card Icon.png Mutating Frenzy, even two, with 2 Healing Gardens Card Icon.png Healing Gardens next to him, and Dreadnought Card Icon.png Dreadnought to tank, now use the mutating frenzy's ability whenever you can, until you start seeing him drop 70-100+ health points each second. by that point you'll want to spawn another Dreadnought next to your Batariel that is defending the waves Brannoc is spawning in the north, and use the Dreadnought ability right next to Brannoc, place a tunnel next to him and next to your mutating frenzy and teleport the frenzy next to Brannoc, killing him with 1 shot, at most 2 shots if you used the ability enough. Player 3 and 4 are in the best position to do the strategy as both require a lot less bound power in units than players 1 and 2, and can use most of the power spawning dreadnoughts and healing gardens.

Strategy & Notes

  • Almost every unit the enemies have on this map is considered t2, even if its counterpart on our card base is t3 or even t4. For that reason cards like Nightguard Card Icon.png Nightguard make it possible to take high tier units and using them to push with only t1.
  • Because mark of the keep and makeshift towers are being use a lot on this map, vs players 1 and 2, consider using medium to large t1 units, making it easier to deal with them. Cards like Sunderer Card Icon.png Sunderer make quick work of clearing the bases because of his sundering ability and siege passive ability. Other cards that can make clearing the first base easier are Nox Trooper Card Icon.png Nox Trooper, Nightguard Card Icon.png Nightguard, Firesworn Card Icon.png Firesworn, Lightblade Card Icon.png Lightblade.

If starting shadow, Soul Splicer Card Icon.png Soul Splicer green affinity can be useful at dealing with makeshift towers and living towers.


Patch History

This map has not been changed yet, compared to its original appearence in BattleForge.

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