Skylords Reborn
Skylords Reborn


This template creates a standardized design layout of map pages and categorizes them.


  • Simply put the syntax below on any official map page, fill the parameters with custom content and correctly fill out the card's entry in the module Map/data.
  • Use the source code editor.
  • Parameters are optional and should only be used if appropriate.
{{Map page template|{{PAGENAME}}|basic_info =
|rewards =
|walkthrough =
|strategy_info =
|patch_history =
  • {{PAGENAME}} does not work if ' is in the page (map) name. Then manually write the map name into this parameter.
Example syntax
{{Map page template|Abomination|basic_info = Optional basic info here
|rewards = Optional special rewards info here
|walkthrough = Optional guide to beat the scenario
|strategy_info = Optional strategy and notes here
|patch_history = patch history here (Use template Patch link)
  • For concrete examples simply look at existing map pages.

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