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This template can be used to create a link to a page displaying an icon of an entity in front of the link. For entities that exist as cards see template Card icon.

  • For uniformity the short version ei should be used.
  • This link does not create a tooltip.
  • Additional parameters can be combined with each other.


  • {{ei|<entity name>|<alternative display text>|size=<Number>px|icononly=true}}
    • The parameters <alternative display text>, <size> and <icononly> are optional.
  • {{ei|Umbabwe}} creates: Umbabwe Entity Icon Umbabwe
  • {{ei|Umbabwe|Blight's Shaman}} creates: Umbabwe Entity Icon Blight's Shaman
  • {{ei|Umbabwe|icononly=true}} creates: Umbabwe Entity Icon
  • {{ei|Umbabwe|size=40px}} creates: Umbabwe Entity Icon Umbabwe

Entities that also exist as a card will automatically link to an existing Non-Card Entity tab on the respective card page:

Entities that play a major role in the story are special cased to link to an existing Story Character tab on the respective page:

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