Skylords Reborn


This template can be used to create a link to a card page displaying an icon of that card in front of the link. Hovering over the link will display a tooltip of the card.

  • For uniformity the short version ci should be used.
  • The icon will adjust based on promo or affinity variants input.
  • Additional parameters can be combined with each other.


  • {{ci|<card name> <(Affinity or "Promo")>|<alternative display text>|size=<Number>px|icononly=true|upgrade=<value>|charges=<value>}}
    • The parameters <alternative display text>, <size> and <icononly> parameters are optional.
    • The affinity/promo parameter is case sensitive, accepts Fire, Frost, Nature, Shadow for referencing affinities.
    • The parameters upgrade and charges each accept 0, 1, 2 or 3 and will modify the displayed card in the tooltip.
      • By default the base card is displayed without upgrades or additional charges.
    • The template will categorize the page as containing script errors and display a message if the input affinity does not actually exist or the card name is misspelled.
Special Cases and Error Handling

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