The system requirements for Skylords Reborn will be the same as BattleForge, with the exception that the custom launcher requires a 64-bit operating system.

Operating System

Skylords Reborn will be able to run on Windows.

Minimum requirements

CPU: Single Core 1.8Ghz

CPU Speed: Core 1.8Ghz

RAM: Windows XP - 512MB, Vista and Windows 7+ - 1GB

OS: 64-bit operating system. Windows XP (with service pack 2) Vista, Windows 7 or higher

Video Card: 128MB NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series+ / ATI Radeon 9500+

Sound Card: Yes

Recommended requirements

CPU: Dual Core 2 GHz

CPU Speed: Dual Core 2 GHz

RAM: Windows XP - 1 GB, Vista and Windows 7+ - 2 GB

Video Card: 256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series+ / ATI Radeon HD 3 Series+

Installation guide for Linux or Mac users

Linux Check out this thread:

Mac Check out this thread:

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