Sunstriders is a Tier 1 (Tokenslot Orb Fire.png) Icon Unit.pngUnit of the Fire faction. This common card was released with the Twilight Edition and has no affinity variants, nor a promo version.
In Skylords Reborn this card is available to all players as a starter card.

Boasting the highest single target damage output of the early archers, the Sunstriders are an immense offensive force. Furthermore, their capacity to supress enemy buildings grants them a special tactical advantage.



Card Icon Autocast.png

Bow Attack Every 2.5 seconds, unit fires arrows that deal 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 damage.

Sunstriders initially are slightly weaker in single-target damage than the Windweavers Card Icon.png Windweavers. With the first upgrade they quickly match and eventually surpass them with the remaining two upgrades.

Sunstriders benefit from a Medium counter bonus, boosting their ATK to 648 / 720 / 792 / 864 against Medium creatures. This makes them a strong counter to troublesome enemy units like Bandit Shamans, which often backbone many early game forces.

Card Icon Active.png

Suppression Fire Activate to disable enemy buildings attacks and special abilities for 10 / 12 / 15 / 20 seconds. Reusable every 20 seconds.

The signature skill of the Sunstriders fires a barrage of harmless arrows that, upon impact; suppress a targeted building. This skill requires 25 Power to use, and has a brief 1 second delay before the shot is fired. The power is not spent until the projectiles are launched.

A suppressed building cannot perform any attacks and is unable to activate special abilities. This effect causes a cloud of dust to form around the affected structure. HOWEVER, this skill will not affect spawn buildings in PvE and rPvE.

This skill is noteworthy for being 15 Power cheaper than the spell Suppression Card Icon.png Suppression, but is more difficult to use in the late game due to Sunstriders being a Small unit.

Notes & Strategies

Sunstriders are a very powerful, and cheap source of ranged firepower, but easily killed in combat. Nevertheless, they are a staple of most Fire decks and are incredibly useful if their fragility is actively accounted for.

Sunstriders ability to Suppress structures gives them added viability in the long term, and serves as a cheaper; but short-term exclusive form of Suppression Card Icon.png Suppression.

Sunstriders are often paired with the Thugs Card Icon.png Thugs and Scavenger Card Icon.png Scavenger to fill the counter gap, but also see benefit comboed with the general-purpose Wrecker Card Icon.png Wrecker and the T1 powerhouse Sunderer Card Icon.png Sunderer.

Campaign PvE

Sunstriders are a standard and solid choice for PvE gameplay. Thanks to their ability to suppress enemy towers and devastate medium creatures early on. They can even serve in the second era if disrupting an enemy building is important.

It is important to note that certain PvE exclusive structures are immune to Suppression effects. Such as emitters or spawn buildings.

Random PvE

Sunstriders fulfill a similar use as in regular PvE, and retain near identical use. Their ability to suppress towers is immeasurably helpful early on, but their effectiveness dwindles against Lost Souls and they do not have the speed to keep up in the late game.

Their skill does not often need to be used in rPvE, but because they are cheap they can be spammed to save power over the long term.


Sunstriders are a key aspect of Fire T1 gameplay in PvP. Having a ranged archer is essential to a successful early game, and lacking one will almost certainly guarantee your failure. Although their skill does not always come into play, they mainly serve as Fires primary damage source at a distance.






Upgrade Cards

WIP - Coming Soon

Upgrade Drop Locations

Sunstriders Card Icon.png Sunstriders Upgrade I Upgrade II Upgrade III
Map name Encounters with Twilight Minimap.jpg Encounters with Twilight Encounters with Twilight Minimap.jpg Encounters with Twilight Encounters with Twilight Minimap.jpg Encounters with Twilight
Map difficulty Standard Advanced Expert
Drop percentage 3.57% 4.17% 4.17%

Patch History

Patch #400022
  • Active ability Sunstriders Suppression Fire Ability Icon.png Suppression Fire:
    • Fixed typo in the name of the ability.

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