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Stonekin are one of the nine playable Factions in BattleForge. It is represented by the colour combination of green and blue; all Stonekin cards have a green and blue border.

Card Overview

Card Pack Icon Stonekin
Stonekin Cards are extremely sturdy cards in BattleForge. They focus

mainly on resilience and Crowd Control, their Faction trait Adamant Skin (or Adamant Alloy on buildings) allows them to always take at least 15% less damage. Stonekin decks can also contain heals, knockbacks, freezes and even slows which allows them to stay in battles for longer. Although these Stonekin have a decent amount of life, their damage is pretty low and they are very power consuming.


Tier Two


| Stone Hurler (P) | Stone Hurler (R) |


| Aggressor (G) | Aggressor (B) | Crystal Fiend (G) | Crystal Fiend (B) | Earthkeeper (B) | Earthkeeper (R) |       | Razorshard (G) | Razorshard (R) | Stoneshards (R) | Stoneshards (B) | Stone Tempest (B) |                                | Stone Tempest (P) |


| Matter Mastery (P) | Matter Mastery (G) |

Tier Three


| Hammerfall (B) | Hammerfall (G) | Stone Launcher (B) | Stone Launcher (P) |


| Deepfang (R) | Deepfang (G) | Rageflame (B) | Rageflame (R) | Stone Warrior (G) | Stone Warrior (B) |


| Stone Shell (G) | Stone Shell (P) |

Tier Four


| Deepgorge (R) | Deepgorge (B) |


| Gemeye (P) | Gemeye (G) | Grinder (P) | Grinder (R) | Grinder Promo |


| Earthen Gift (R) | Earthen Gift (P) |


Lore Icon Stonekin
"The giants were the first beings to be created. Earth demanded a piece of the other elements, the fire, wind and mists, to create flesh. From this crude, stone-like flesh it formed the immortal giants. It gave them powers equal to those of the Gods and sent them to reshape its face into majestic landscapes. It created the Stonekin to be their servants - elemental creatures of Earth and stone.

When the winds rebelled and created the Sky-Elves, the giants went to war and defeated the Children of the Wind. From many captured Sky Elves they tore the wings and enslaved them. These were the first mortal slaves of the giants - but many more where to follow. The Sons of fire, the Orcs, also fell quickly to the giants' rule. The other races followed soon after. As slave masters the giants ruled with cruelty, showing only disdain for the feeble creatures that had the taint of lesser elements. The relentless Stonekin served as their soldiers; the half-giant bastards, the Skanes, as their right-hands. Eventually the Gods appeared and inspired the mortals to rise against the giants. But even then the giants weren't easily beaten; it was only the creation of Giantsbane, the explosive powder that was used to fuel huge siege cannons, that finally made the giants turn and flee.

They abandoned their rule, escaping into the Under-realm, a huge maze of caverns which they had dug into the mantle of the Earth.

There they brooded for many centuries, until their old enemy, the mortals, came crawling to their doorstep, begging for asylum and for the giants to create them a new sun. Now, as the Twilight has lifted, they have returned to the surface to reclaim their old domination over the world.

Giants are huge creatures, but their powers go far beyond the strength of their massive arms. They're obsessed with gems and precious metals, not for their value in trade but because of they're the blood of their mother - the Earth. Nothing infuriates them more than seeing mortals decorated in rare and beautiful things that were torn from their mother's flesh. "

-The Elemental Powers
Aggressor (Frost)
Aggressor (Nature)
Crystal Fiend (Frost)
Crystal Fiend (Nature)
Deepfang (Fire)
Deepfang (Nature)
Deepgorge (Fire)
Deepgorge (Frost)
Earthen Gift (Fire)
Earthen Gift (Shadow)
Earthkeeper (Fire)
Earthkeeper (Frost)
Gemeye (Nature)
Gemeye (Shadow)
Grinder (Fire)
Grinder (Promo)
Grinder (Shadow)
Hammerfall (Frost)
Hammerfall (Nature)
Matter Mastery (Nature)
Matter Mastery (Shadow)
Rageflame (Fire)
Rageflame (Frost)
Razorshard (Fire)
Razorshard (Nature)
Stone Hurler (Fire)
Stone Hurler (Shadow)
Stone Launcher (Frost)
Stone Launcher (Shadow)
Stone Shards (Fire)
Stone Shards (Frost)
Stone Shell (Nature)
Stone Shell (Shadow)
Stone Tempest (Frost)
Stone Tempest (Shadow)
Stone Warrior (Frost)
Stone Warrior (Nature)