Skylords Reborn

In Skylords Reborn every new player starts with 2 ready-made collection decks and the uneditable deck designed to play the Tutorial. Additionally, players get the option to freely choose 2 out of 16 decks, that are only usable in Player vs Player (PvP). This selection can be changed once per day.


Starter Card Pin Icons

Starter card indicating icons

As the 2 starter decks that are meant for Player vs Environment (PvE), consist of 40 owned cards, this means those can technically also be used in PvP. Given that these decks are neither charged nor upgraded, the free PvP decks serve this purpose better. Next to the 2 actual starter decks, players also receive 11 additional cards for further customization, which makes in total 51 cards. PvE starter cards vary in editions but are all of common rarity. In the Forge Inventory, all permanently owned starter cards are marked with a bell/pin icon in their top left corner, and the base card cannot be sold or traded. Additional charges can be traded and applied as usual though.

The starter cards are split amongst factions as follows:

This card distribution means that a new player will be unable to effectively produce a pure deck, and will need to settle for splash decks instead. The current starter decks are displayed further below.

A third deck every player permanently owns is named "Tutorial" and meant to be used to play the explanatory PvE Scenario Introduction Minimap Introduction. This deck can also be used to play other maps, but cannot be changed at all. It also contains the extra card Northguards Card Icon Northguards. All other cards of this deck are also contained in the other 2 starting decks.

The starter cards are generally sufficient to get the player familiar with the system and run them through the campaign on standard difficulty, however more advanced cards may be desirable if tackling higher difficulties.

Deck 1: FireShadow (Tokenslot Orb Fire Tokenslot Orb Shadow Tokenslot Orb Fire Tokenslot Orb Fire)

This deck features cards of Fire and Shadow, meaning it is a Bandits deck.

Deck 2: FrostNature (Tokenslot Orb Frost Tokenslot Orb Nature Tokenslot Orb Frost Tokenslot Orb Neutral)

This deck features cards of Frost and Nature, meaning it is a Stonekin deck.

Extra Cards

Players are given 5 T1 cards from the Nature and Shadow faction, to provide the option to settle for a different start of the game. Additionally they receive Northguards Card Icon Northguards as the card is included in the Tutorial deck.

Tutorial Deck (Tokenslot Orb Frost Tokenslot Orb Fire Tokenslot Orb Frost)

This deck does not contain any cards that require 4 monuments (T4) nor does it reach a deck's card limit of 20 contained cards.

List of included Cards

All of the 51 provided and permanently owned starter cards, alphabetically organized, are as follows:


Forge Header PvP Icon Hovered

To directly access the free PvP Starter Deck Selection use the most right "Sword" Icon in the Forge header menu.

As of Pre-Release Patch #400013 players in Skylords Reborn have the option to choose 2 out of 16 prebuild decks. This can be done by either clicking on the "Sword" Icon in the Forge Header Menu or using the button on the deck overview window.

Forge Card Pool Drop Down

Select the temporary cards for deck building via the Inventory's drop down menu.

The player always needs to rent 2 decks at the same time and will actually rent the 40 cards the 2 selected decks consist of. The PvP decks are fully upgraded and fully charged and thus deck level 120. Decks stay rented indefinitely but the choice can be changed once per day, indicated by a timer counting down.

The free cards gained from these decks can only be used to build PvP decks though, but rented cards can be exchanged by owned card. Regardless, if modified or not, these Starter Decks are exclusively usable in PvP matches. One's originally rented decks can be restored by going back to the respective deck preview and cloning them there.

The currently available decks are shown below, but they can be adjusted at any time by the player using other rented or owned collection cards.[1] The decks are crafted and updated by well-experienced PvP players and are considered strong in the current meta.

Currently available Decks[]

All deck names are composited of the typical affinity prefixes (Tainted / Gifted / Blessed / Infused) indicating the decks T2 orb and a chosen noun afterwards (Darkness / Flora / Ice / Flame) related to the T1 faction. The deck name remains changeable to disguise the contained cards to experienced opponents.

Tainted Darkness Shadow Orb IconShadow Orb IconShadow Orb Icon
Gifted Darkness Shadow Orb IconNature Orb IconShadow Orb Icon
Blessed Darkness Shadow Orb IconFrost Orb IconFrost Orb Icon
Infused Darkness Shadow Orb IconFire Orb IconShadow Orb Icon