Skylords Reborn
Skylords Reborn

The Siege abilities describes that a unit deals bonus damage to buildings and is therefore predestined to make quick work of dangerous towers and spawn buildings in PvE or Wells and Orbs in PvP. The baseline is a 50% damage bonus but there are certain units that exceed that.

For some units only the fire affinity has Siege, while the other has a different ability.

Siege Units

Unit Name Siege Value Ranged Additional Information
Ashbone Pyro Card Icon.png Ashbone Pyro 50% True -
Burrower Card Icon.png Burrower 50% False Burrower Acid Spit Ability Icon.png Acid Spit benefits from Siege
Construct Card Icon.png Construct 50% True Artillery range
Deepcoil Worm Card Icon.png Deepcoil Worm 50% True -
Fire Stalker Card Icon.png Fire Stalker 50% True Only during Fire Stalker Inner Fire Ability Icon.png Inner Fire; Artillery range
Firedancer Card Icon.png Firedancer 75 / 100 / 125 / 150% True Artillery range
Grimvine Card Icon.png Grimvine 50% False -
Grinder Card Icon.png Grinder 100% False -
Harvester Card Icon.png Harvester 50% False -
Moloch Card Icon.png Moloch 100% False -
Mountaineer Card Icon.png Mountaineer 50% True -
Spore Launcher Card Icon.png Spore Launcher 50% True Only during Spore Launcher Root Ability Icon.png Root
Sunderer Card Icon.png Sunderer 50% False Sunderer Sundering Ability Icon.png Sundering benefits from Siege
Tremor Card Icon.png Tremor 50% False Tremor Ground Slam Ability Icon.png Ground Slam benefits from Siege
Vileblood Card Icon.png Vileblood 50% False -
Skycatcher Card Icon.png Skycatcher 50% True Flying unit
Spitfire Card Icon.png Spitfire 100% True Flying unit; Artillery range
Core Dredge Card Icon.pngAffinity Orb Fire.png Core Dredge (Fire) 15 / 40 / 65 / 65% True -
Gunner Card Icon.pngAffinity Orb Fire.png Gunner (Fire) 100% True -
Lost Dancer Card Icon.pngAffinity Orb Fire.png Lost Dancer (Fire) 50% True -
Thunder Wagon Card Icon.pngAffinity Orb Fire.png Thunder Wagon (Fire) 100% True Thunder Wagon RAMPAGE Ability Icon.png RAMPAGE benefits from Siege

Related Units

Some cards do not have Siege directly yet are still exceptionally potent when it comes to disposing of enemy buildings.

Unit Name Characteristic
Jorne Card Icon.png Jorne Jorne Wrecking Hammer Ability Icon.png Wrecking Hammer
Juggernaut Card Icon.png Juggernaut Juggernaut Stampede Ability Icon.png Stampede / Juggernaut (Promo) Stampede Ability Icon.png Stampede
Mo Card Icon.png Mo Mo Stampede Ability Icon.png Stampede / Mo (Promo) Stampede Ability Icon.png Stampede
Necrofury Card Icon.png Necrofury High damage during Necrofury Siege Mode Ability Icon.png Siege Mode; Artillery range with Necrofury Bone Shards Ability Icon.png Bone Shards
Nox Carrier Card Icon.png Nox Carrier Nox Carrier Infused Necro Strike Ability Icon.png Infused Necro Strike / Nox Carrier Tainted Necro Strike Ability Icon.png Tainted Necro Strike
Rageflame Card Icon.pngAffinity Orb Fire.png Rageflame (Fire) Card Icon Autocast Affinity Fire.png Infused Frostshower can freeze buildings
Shadow Phoenix Card Icon.png Shadow Phoenix Card Icon Autocast.png Crashdive; Flying Unit
Virtuoso Card Icon.png Virtuoso Virtuoso Trumpet of Jelicoo Ability Icon.png Trumpet of Jelicoo
Witchclaws Card Icon.pngAffinity Orb Fire.png Witchclaws (Fire) Witchclaws Infused Infiltration Ability Icon.png Infused Infiltration
Batariel Card Icon.png Batariel Batariel Gates of Hell Ability Icon.png Gates of Hell; Card Icon Passive Affinity Fire.png Infused Purgatory / Card Icon Passive Affinity Shadow.png Tainted Purgatory
Bloodhorn Card Icon.png Bloodhorn Bloodhorn Stampede Ability Icon.png Stampede
Dreadnought Card Icon.png Dreadnought Card Icon Passive.png Shattering Blow: 50% bonus damage against frozen entities
Core Dredge Card Icon.pngAffinity Orb Frost.png Core Dredge (Frost) Card Icon Passive Affinity Frost.png Shatter Ice: 25 / 50 / 75 / 75% bonus damage against frozen entities
Sunstriders Card Icon.png Sunstriders Sunstriders Suppression Fire Ability Icon.png Suppression Fire temporarily disables buildings from great distance

Related Spells

There are also spells that enable faster destruction of buildings or disabling them.

Spell Name Characteristic
Frost Shard Card Icon.png Frost Shard Can freeze buildings.
Matter Mastery Card Icon.png Matter Mastery Grants control over an enemy building.
Wallbreaker Card Icon.png Wallbreaker Can instantly destroy a wall segment.
Earthshaker Card Icon.png Earthshaker Significant damage to structures.
Scorched Earth Card Icon.pngAffinity Orb Fire.png Scorched Earth (Fire) Prevents repair of structures and increases incoming damage.
Suppression Card Icon.png Suppression Deactivates buildings for a duration.