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Shadow is one of the nine playable Factions in BattleForge. It is represented with the colour purple and all Shadow cards have a purple border.

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Shadow is typically characterized by the element of risk versus reward that many of its cards possess. Almost all special abilities require a sacrifice of some sort, but the rewards for those sacrifices potentially make these cards very powerful. The prevailing thought of the player community is that this faction is the most difficult for new players. Making effective use of the cards' abilities does require strategic thinking and understanding of the game's mechanics. It is certainly the faction chosen by players who like to think outside the box.


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Shadow is the oldest of all the elements, it is the essence of the blood from the first victim, the mark of death and pain that flowed out and soaked the universe with its dark taint. It is the embodiment of terror and agony of loss and the part of ourselves we must learn to understand.

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