Skylords Reborn
Skylords Reborn

Root Network is a term for a play style of certain units and structures that can connect to other entities in the vicinity to create a powerful network. Most of these entities are endowed with the immobilizing toggle ability Root which then, in turn, grants them access to the passive ability Linked Fire . Buildings have Linked Fire permanently enabled.


Entities connected to a root network support each other, which enables more powerful or more frequent attacks and effects. However, only completely idle entities provide support. As soon as an entity is active, like being in combat or using its ability, it instead draws support. The root network is not global. This means that entities have to be connected through a root path, even over multiple ones, in order to count as part of that particular root network.

For a root network to function efficiently, the entities meant to provide support need to be placed far enough away from anything that might cause them to activate. Using Root Nexus Card Icon.png Root Nexus to increase the distance between active and idle entities should be considered.

If there are multiple active entities then the total support will be split evenly among them. For example, if there are 5 idle entities within a root network but 2 active ones, then one of them will receive support from 3, the other from 2. As such the support "battery" should be big enough to provide the maximum support for each active entity.

Fully upgraded root entities can receive support from up to 6 idle entities.

For example, Spore Launcher Card Icon.png Spore Launcher shoots 1 giant spore every 4 seconds, which splits into 3 smaller spores by default. The amount of small spores increases for each supporting entity. Its damage scaling is displayed in the table below.

# Supporting Entities Single Target Damage Total AoE Damage Ø Damage over 20 seconds
0 420 630 2625
1 840 1260 5250
2 1260 1890 7875
3 1680 2520 10500
4 2100 3150 13125
5 2520 3780 15750
6 2940 4410 18375

Cards related to Linked Fire

Unit Name Type Root Network support effect Additional Information
Forest's Vim Card Icon.png Forest's Vim Spell Spell Heals the entire root network the targeted entity is a part of -
Howling Shrine Card Icon.png Howling Shrine Building Building Attacks and Paralyzes/Roots more frequently -
Living Tower Card Icon.png Living Tower Building Building Attacks more frequently Bread and butter card to build a root-battery to provide support
Razorleaf Card Icon.png Razorleaf Unit Unit Attacks become more powerful -
Root Nexus Card Icon.png Root Nexus Building Building Relays root support to bridge distances Provides no support
Spikeroot Card Icon.png Spikeroot Unit Unit Attacks become more powerful -
Spore Launcher Card Icon.png Spore Launcher Unit Unit Attacks become more powerful -
Sun Reaver Card Icon.png Sun Reaver Unit Unit After being connected to a root network gains a temporary buff Provides no support ; Buff strength does not scale with support
Sylvan Gate Card Icon.png Sylvan Gate Building Building Heals more frequently Sylvan Gate might sap support intended for other entities
Thornbark Card Icon.png Thornbark Unit Unit Attacks more frequently -
Treefiend Card Icon.png Treefiend Unit Unit Attacks more frequently Provides no support ; does not accumulate acid faster
Treespirit Card Icon.png Treespirit Unit Unit Attacks more frequently Alternative to Living Tower to provide support