Skylords Reborn

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The Renegade Edition is the second edition of BattleForge cards. The name Renegade, is based upon the PvE events of The Renegade Campaign.


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The Renegade Edition expands the BattleForge card set with legendary units and monumental buildings from the Southern Wasted region of Nyn. The legends about the Bandits and Stonekin that you have clashed with on your crusade through the Southern Wastes are now are being whispered among the mortals and the Skylords can summon them with the Forge. This edition adds 60 new units and buildings to the card pool as well as dual orb cards and special affinities become available that will deepen and enrich the strategical possibilities of the decks and the combat itself.


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Ragged gangs of bandits roam the wastelands with a lust for plunder. Bandits are remarkably versatile, with troops ranging from fast moving infantry units up to heavy artillery. If kept in line, these bandit forces will prove to be even fiercer than the Twilight.


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Searching for their giant master's treasure, the stonekin elementals now have a strong presence in the wastelands. They are massive, heavily armored brutes and even while they lack fast moving units, each single one of them packs enough punch to take out a small army.

Dual Orbs

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The main specialty of the renegades is versatility and independence which reflects in their dual orb nature. They are not governed by one power alone but are able to tap into a second power to unlock additional special abilities or be generally more flexible in the way they fit into your deck. Bandits will use the wild Fire and the vicious Shadow as sources of their power, while stonekin are attuned with the might of Frost and Nature. These cards can not only fit well into a dual coloured deck, but their special abilities might unlock the prime advantages of each of the two powers for them, allowing for new tactics and deck variations.

Note: Future editions will expand on the game and story by adding new cards and maps. For each edition, there are separate boosters. A booster or tome can therefore only contain these cards.