There are four different card rarities: Common (bronze), UnCommon (silver), Rare (gold), and Ultra-Rare (diamond). In Skylords Reborn, promo cards are considered a special rarity above Ultra Rare, with a low chance to drop from boosters. This is unlike BattleForge where all promo cards were given out for special occasions. Below is a list how the respective rarity icons look like:

Rarity / Edition Twilight Edition Renegade Edition Lost Souls Edition Amii Edition
Common Edition Icon Twilight Common.png Edition Icon Renegade Common.png Edition Icon Lost Souls Common.png Edition Icon Amii Common.png
Uncommon Edition Icon Twilight Uncommon.png Edition Icon Renegade Uncommon.png Edition Icon Lost Souls Uncommon.png Edition Icon Amii Uncommon.png
Rare Edition Icon Twilight Rare.png Edition Icon Renegade Rare.png Edition Icon Lost Souls Rare.png Edition Icon Amii Rare.png
Ultra Rare Edition Icon Twilight Ultra Rare.png Edition Icon Renegade Ultra Rare.png Edition Icon Lost Souls Ultra Rare.png Edition Icon Amii Ultra Rare.png
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