In Skylords Reborn players can complete daily quests in order to get rewards. This is the secondary form of income of BFP Icon Battleforge Points, besides Daily Rewards and Achievements. Quests are available to players right from the beginning. There are no activation requirements for new players.

Quests example

Available Quests

There is a variety of different quests available, each embracing a certain aspect of the game. In total, there are currently 6 quests, all yielding the same reward of 75 BFP Icon Battleforge Points:

Quest name Description Reward Message Reward Notes
Amii Booster Pack HD
I'm a Skylord and I'm Okay
Play a set amount of matches in any game mode. Thank you for shielding our world from evil. Here is your reward. BFP Icon 75 Play 3 matches of minimum 10 minutes in PvP, Campaign, Battlegrounds or Community Maps.
General Booster Pack HD
Treasure Hunter
Find and open several gold chests. You have collected enough booty for your daily reward! Revel in the spoils of war! BFP Icon 75 Open a minimum of 7 chests in Campaign or Battleground matches, winning the match is not required.
Nature Booster Pack HD
Skylords Unite
Win some multiplayer PvE matches. The more, the merrier! Your group efforts shall be rewarded. BFP Icon 75 Play and win 1 match in multiplayer PvE Campaign or Battlegrounds. Amount of players in match does not matter.
Fire Booster Pack HD
Honour Among Skylords
Fight other Skylords in several PvP matches Your bravery has been proven in glorious combat! Here is your reward. BFP Icon 75 Play 4 PvP matches vs other players in Sparrings or Ranked that take a minimum of 2:30 minutes.
Frost Booster Pack HD
Nyn Won't Save Itself
Win some campaign PvE matches The Skylords are grateful for your help! Please accept your reward. BFP Icon 75 Play and win 2 campaign PvE matches of any difficulty.
Shadow Booster Pack HD
Conquer Uncharted Lands
Win several randomly generated PvE matches of difficulty 6 or higher You have cleansed the unknown lands of evil, and you shall be rewarded! BFP Icon 75 Play and win 2 Battlegrounds matches of minimum difficulty 6 in a minimum of X minutes.

It is possible that more quests will be added in the future.

Quest Properties

Quests location

Players can view their active quests and a timer until they receive new quests under News (Scroll icon) > Quests > Quests.

Quests progress

Quests in progress

Quests completed

All quests done for that day

  • A player's quests are updated once per day at 10:00 UTC.
    • If all quests have been completed the previous day, the player will get 3 new quests. 1 Out of the first pool, and 2 out of the second pool.
    • If a player is in a game when the quests are updated, the played time will count towards the next day's quest, but it will not count for other new quest's progress.
      • Unfinished quests from the day before the update can still be finished on the new day if ingame while the update.
  • The maximum number of quests a player can simultaneously have is 4, as the limit is determined by 1.5 * N (with N=1 for the first pool and N=2 for the second pool; rounded down) per pool.
  • If not all active quests have been completed, the next day remaining quests will not be exchanged with new quests.
  • Quests can be rerolled using the "Quests reroll-button" to a guaranteed different quest, as a player cannot have the same quest multiple times.
    • This is limited to 1 quest a day.
    • The rerolled quest's reward will be set to 50 BattleForge Points, instead of 75 BattleForge Points.
    • 1 unwanted quest out of pool 2 can be kept uncompleted infinitely, thus avoiding the reward penalty for rerolling it, yielding more BFP Icon BattleForge Points in the long-term.
  • Rewards for finished quests are automatically distributed via ingame mail.
  • The pictures of the quests are purely illustrative as they do not actually reward the player with a booster.

Historic Quests

These are quests that are no longer available:

Quest name Description Reward Message Reward Notes
Quests warning
Prove that you are worth the starting boosters
Play for 2.5 hours. You played enough to earn your starting boosters. 3 Booster Packs 150 minutes of gameplay in PvP, Campaign, Battlegrounds or Community maps is required.
Lost Souls Booster Pack
Your Daily Dose of Heroism
Spend a set amount of time in any match or map. Thank you for aiding the realm of Nyn! Here is your reward. 1 Booster Pack 30 minutes gameplay in PvP, Campaign, Battlegrounds or Community maps is required. This gameplay can start up to 29 minutes before the player even receives the quest, the played time will still count towards completion.

Patch History

09 August 2020 Patch
  • Massive Changes to the Quest and Reward System implemented:
    • Starter Quest Removed: Quests warningProve that you are worth the starting boosters. Play for 2.5 hours to receive 3 standard Booster Packs. 150 minutes of gameplay in PvP, Campaign, Battlegrounds or Community maps is required.

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