Skylords Reborn

Since Skylords Reborn is a non-profit revival project the in-game progression had to be adjusted accordingly. Unlike in the original game you can no longer spend money to buy boosters, BFP Icon Battleforge Points or other content. Instead you can earn everything by simply playing the game thanks to a completely reworked progression system.

Daily Rewards[]

You will earn BFP by simply spending time in any match (difficulty does not matter). Every day you get a daily boost that enables you to do so very quickly for a total playtime of 45 minutes. After that is depleted you can still earn more BFP through a reserve.

Additionally, after spending 45 minutes in active matches you also unlock a daily discount of 100 BFP on one booster of your choosing from the store.


Simultaneous to your daily rewards you also get two quests each day which ask you to fulfill certain requirements. You can choose between PvE or PvP focused quests or a mix of the two. Each completed quests grants you 75 BFP. You can have up to six active quests at a time and if a quest is not to your liking you can reroll it once, reducing the reward to 70 BFP.


Achievements are overarching progression milestones that are sometimes quite difficult to accomplish. Most of them can only be done a single time but there are some that can be repeated indefinitely. Completing them will often give a considerable and generous boost in progression.