Power is the primary resource used to spawn units, buildings and spells on the battlefield. Power is harvested from power wells spread around the map. Power wells are claimable structures that generate power over time.

Additionally, players gain power income from void power. Whenever you cast spells or your units die, a portion of the power used to play that card is recycled and added to the void pool (typically 90%). This power is slowly returned to you over time.

Void power

The amount of power you have available is displayed on the UI next to the minimap. This also shows the total amount of void power and well power that is still available and amount of power that flows to your power supply every two seconds.

Power Wells

Power wells are the main way to generate more power. They can be found scattered throughout maps and are usually found in groups of two or three and can also be accompanied by a Monument. To claim a power well you need ground presence near it. Each Power Well requires 100 power to construct, and the construction is finished instantly.

Power wells grant 1 power every 2 seconds. All Power wells a player has constructed grant their power increment at the same instance of time, regardless of when they were build. Each Power Well has a limited supply ranging from 300 to 1500 power.

Power wells have 2000 life points. If the well is destroyed, the 100 power used to construct the well is lost entirely and does not go to void power.

Wells provide ground presence and units summoned near a power well are not dazed.

Cards that affect Power Wells


  • It takes 200 seconds until a power well pays off the 100 power investment and starts to generate profit. Take into consideration that your wells are vulnerable to attack!
  • Conversely, spending 100 power on units first permanently puts you behind on power while you wait to earn another 100 power so you can claim the well. For example, when you have 4 wells and choose to make 100 power worth of units instead of a well, your power generation is 50 seconds (or 25 power) behind.
  • Wells are grouped in clusters, and each well usually provides enough ground presence to be able to claim the other wells in the cluster. This means that you can claim just one well in the cluster and let your units move on: they do not need to stay in the area in order to claim more wells.
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