Skylords Reborn

Battleforge is a Real Time Strategy Game (Short: RTS), which means that you are spectating the events from an aerial-view and command units or buildings or assist them with powerfull spells. All the creatures, buildings or spells the player uses in the game are summoned by activating cards.

Battleforge allows you to play against the computer ai, in Player versus environment missions, or fight other real players in so called Player versus Player matches.

Choosing a mission[]

The player accesses the mission he wants to play by opening the world map first, which button is found, in shape of a globe, in the toolbar on the top of the screen.

On the world map several missions are displayed by clickable buttons. They also show dots to represent how many player can acces the mission. The missions can be played in 1-Player, 2-Player, 4-Player and 12-Player groups.


The target of the game depends on what kind of mission is played. For example is the players objective in a PvP matchup to annihilate the opponents Monuments & Orbs, Energy Wells and Units or leading him to give up the battle.

In order to finish a mission you usually have to summon units, buildings and spell in a wise chosen combination. The repertoire of units the player can access to is limited by the deck taken for the specific mission. Those units, buildings and spells can be casted by selecting them with a click on the bottom toolbar and clicking on the destinated spawn zone again.

Using or spawning cards has got several demandings.

  • A friendly ground unit or building has to be in range
  • The player has to have enough power to cast the unit
  • The minimum of required orbs has to be reached

To interact with friendly units the player needs to select them. Units can be selected by the left mouse button, or holding the left mouse button to draw a rectangle, to select all units in between the besaid rectangle. Chosen units can be moved by right clicking on a free spot in the battlefield. To attack a hostile entity select a friendly unit first and process a right click on the target.

The player can also select enemy units (usually displayed by a red or orange colour) to gather information about the enemy unit such as their health and damage done.

For destroying an enemy unit or building the player has to deal enough damage until the healthbar of the enemy unit goes below zero.

If the player looses his last property he loses the match and has the opportunity to restart the mission or match, unless it's no Player vs Player or random generated Player versus Environment.