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In BattleForge, Player versus Player (abbreviated as "PvP") allows players to take their decks and challenge other players. Players can play Unranked matches for a consequence-free environment or play to improve their rank in Ranked matches. This PvP gameplay mode allows players to use decks built from their entire collection of cards. PvP can be done with one player to another (1v1) or in teams of two players against two other players (2v2).

PvP deckbuilding requires a completely different approach than PvE. Tier 4 is almost never seen with the exception of using the Enlightenment spell, and the game is often won at T1 or T2.

Players have the option to choose 2 free fully upgraded and charged PvP decks every week, which allows anyone to play PvP regardless of their current card collection. More information about starter decks can be found in the Starter Decks page.

Ranked PvP[]

Ranked Matches use an automated match-up system in the Dueling Grounds, while Unranked Matches are created by players in the Sparring Grounds.

Unranked PvP[]

Unranked matches allow players a free-form mode of PvP, without consequences or ranking constraints. This allows players to test new decks and strategies, take on players of opponents of their choice, and learn the PvP maps. Since Unranked PvP provides no constraints and consequences, it also provides no rewards (needs to be confirmed with new gold and bfp system). They are played in the Sparring Grounds.

1v1 PvP[]

Solo, or 1v1 PvP is where players battle against each other in a test of skill and deckbuilding strategy, and the winner and loser will gain or lose ELO rank depending on their opponent's ELO score. There are special PvP maps just for 1v1 games. The better ELO score the harder the competition will be.


2v2 PvP is where two teams of two work together to defeat the others. There are special PvP maps just for 2v2 games. Compared to 1v1 PvP there is no ELO scoring instead it gives team MMR for that goes into a leaderboard. The better the MMR the better the ranking in the leaderboard.

PvP Maps[]

A map will be selected at random after matchmaking from a pool of 1v1 or 2v2 maps, depending on the mode chosen. Neither player can ban maps from the ban pool, so you must become familiar with them through playing on them. Most maps contain a bottleneck in the middle, which houses a monument spot and several power wells spots. This gives players the incentive to 'rush' to the center of the map in order to gain map dominance. Cliffs can often change the tide of battle if a player can exploit them, as it puts a lot of pressure on the defender to reach the attacker.

Here you can find a list of all of the current PvP Maps on BattleForge both 1v1 and 2v2.

1v1 PvP Maps


There are also randomly generated 1v1 PvP Maps, and each match has a chance to play on them.

2v2 PvP Maps


There are also randomly generated 2v2 PvP Maps, and each match has a chance to play on them.

PvP Ranks & ELO Rankings[]

Ranked Matches use an automated match-up system in the Dueling Grounds, while Unranked Matches are created in the Sparring Grounds.

Players that participate in 1v1 Ranked PvP earn an ELO score. Before the game begins, an automated match-making system matches players or teams, and thus, the competition is not known until the game begins. The system tries to ensure that opponents have close ELO scores, though the time to find a match may take some time depending on the availability of opponents.

The table below shows you the list of PvP Ranks how much ELO each rank requires.

PvP Ranks

Image provided courtesy of MrXLink.