Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service, with ways for artists to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or "patrons".

As the team behind SkylordsReborn has to bear all the costs for running the servers, maintaining the website and continously improving the game and its stability you may want to support them in doing so, by by becoming a patron on the SkylordsReborn Patreon page. The Skylords Reborn Patreon page is the only place where you can support the server and all donations go towards bringing the game back. Any excess will go towards charities.

No cards or other in-game bonuses can be earned by donating on Patreon. However, depending on the amount of their donation, donors will receive several other benefits outside of the game[1]:

Patreon Rank Description Monthly donation Unlocks
Northguards Card Artwork Northguard Thank you, brave defender, for supporting Skylords Reborn, the Realm of Nyn stands a little stronger every day! $1
  • You'll be mentioned in our Patreon Thread
  • Get a special rank on our Discord server (it does improve if you buy a higher tier)
Dreadcharger Card Artwork
Remember the four horsemen of the apocalypse? Yeah. You're looking at something tenfold terrifying. $5
  • All rewards above
  • Unlock news/updates before they are released to the public, will be posted on Patreon (But please keep this information to yourselves!)
  • Discord rank update!
Viridya Card Artwork
Proud and hopeful, Viridya puts her life on the line to defend Nyn through the forces of nature. $15
  • All rewards above
  • Access to a monthly custom artwork from our official artist! Make it as your new background ♥
  • Discord rank update!
Rogan Kayle Card Artwork
Rogan Kayle
Brave and relentless, the King of Frost commands over the resilient forces of Frost to shield the world from destruction and evil. $25
  • All rewards above
  • Once per month, you'll be invited to join staff for a voice meeting along with other Patreons of this rank . We can discuss news, you can ask us questions about our plans and perhaps suggest some ideas yourself, how exciting!
  • Discord rank update!
Mo Card Artwork
Witty and powerful, the only white Juggernaut guides the Fire troops throughout the world. He never asked for this, but he'll gladly take it! $50
  • All rewards above
  • Access to a private channel/section on discord/forum where you'll be able to participate in game design for the project! (Please note this doesn't mean your designs will be put into the game)
  • Discord rank update!


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