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Below are patches and their changelogs listed, that released before the Release Patch #400020. The earliest tracked patch is Pre-Release Patch #400002.

Pre-Release Patch #400019

This patch went live on 08 December 2020.

General changes
  • Added 47 new achievements! Check them out ingame, for now, it's mostly early game achievements, but we'll be adding plenty more after the official release. There are two types of achievements:
    • One Time: Have an end and can, you guessed it, be completed one time. These may have multiple milestones which reward you on your way to your end goal.
    • Endless: Have no end and can be progressed indefinitely. These achievements reward you every time you reach a milestone, and the reward may either be the same for each milestone or increase the further you progress.
  • Added a new unpurchasable "Mini Booster", which you can get as a reward from some achievements. It will contain 5 cards, which are distributed as follows:
    • 1. Card: 19.5% rare, 80.5% uncommon
    • 2. Card: 100% uncommon
    • 3. Card: 15% uncommon, 85% common
    • 4. Card: 100% common
    • 5. Card: 100% common
  • Reworked XP rewards for campaign and random PvE maps. The gained experience should now be proportional to the difficulty of a map. The bonus for completing a multiplayer map by yourself was also lowered.
  • Changed experience requirements for ranks:
    • Contrary to the old times, the last 4 PvE ranks can be obtained now the same way as all other ranks and are not Speedrun exclusive.
Title Old Requirements New Requirements
PvE Rank Icon 1.png PvE Rank 1 (Watcher) XP Icon.png 0 XP Icon.png 0
PvE Rank Icon 2.png PvE Rank 2 (Guardian) XP Icon.png 150 XP Icon.png 1,000
PvE Rank Icon 3.png PvE Rank 3 (Protector) XP Icon.png 700 XP Icon.png 3,000
PvE Rank Icon 4.png PvE Rank 4 (Keeper) XP Icon.png 2,500 XP Icon.png 8,000
PvE Rank Icon 5.png PvE Rank 5 (Tactician) XP Icon.png 5,000 XP Icon.png 20,000
PvE Rank Icon 6.png PvE Rank 6 (Strategist) XP Icon.png 11,000 XP Icon.png 50,000
PvE Rank Icon 7.png PvE Rank 7 (Commander) XP Icon.png 30,000 XP Icon.png 90,000
PvE Rank Icon 8.png PvE Rank 8 (Conquerer) XP Icon.png 58,000 XP Icon.png 150,000
PvE Rank Icon 9.png PvE Rank 9 (Lord) XP Icon.png 125,000 XP Icon.png 250,000
PvE Rank Icon 10.png PvE Rank 10 (High Lord) XP Icon.png 170,000 XP Icon.png 400,000
PvE Rank Icon 11.png PvE Rank 11 (Warlord) XP Icon.png 290,000 XP Icon.png 600,000
PvE Rank Icon 12.png PvE Rank 12 (Skylord) XP Icon.png 600,000 XP Icon.png 1,000,000
PvE Rank Icon 13.png PvE Rank 13 (Overlord) XP Icon.png 1,200,000 XP Icon.png 1,600,000
PvE Rank Icon 14.png PvE Rank 14 (Archon) XP Icon.png 2,400,000 XP Icon.png 2,500,000
PvE Rank Icon 15.png PvE Rank 15 (Eternal) XP Icon.png 4,800,000 XP Icon.png 3,500,000
PvE Rank Icon 16.png PvE Rank 16 (Timeless) XP Icon.png 7,200,000 XP Icon.png 4,600,000
PvE Rank Icon 17.png PvE Rank 17 (Chronicle Keeper) XP Icon.png 14,400,000 XP Icon.png 5,800,000
PvE Rank Icon 18.png PvE Rank 18 (Loremaster) XP Icon.png 28,800,000 XP Icon.png 7,100,000
PvE Rank Icon 19.png PvE Rank 19 (Vigil of the Forge) XP Icon.png 52,800,000 XP Icon.png 8,500,000
PvE Rank Icon 20.png PvE Rank 20 (Master of the Forge) XP Icon.png 100,000,000 XP Icon.png 10,000,000
  • Changed default quest pool for new players to 'PvE', previously it was 'PvE & PvP'. If you have the PvE quest pool chosen, you only get PvE quests. The same goes for the PvP quest pool.
  • Temporarily disabled the feature that you do not have to re-buy avatars you already bought, since we plan on overhauling the avatar pricing scheme.
  • Adjusted the starter cards:
  • Adjusted the goals for the daily quest
    • PVE
      • Play x spells in (r)PvE: Reduced the amount of required spells from 50 to 40.
      • Play x units in (r)PvE: Reduced the amount of required units from 75 to 70.
      • Spend x power in total in (r)PvE: Reduced the amount of required energy from 18000 to 12000.
      • Play x fire cards in (r)PvE: Reduced the amount of required cards from 100 to 65.
      • Play x shadow cards in (r)PvE: Reduced the amount of required cards from 100 to 65.
      • Play x nature cards in (r)PvE: Reduced the amount of required cards from 100 to 65.
      • Play x frost cards in (r)PvE: Reduced the amount of required cards from 100 to 65.
    • PVP
      • Play x spells in PvP: Reduced the amount of required spells from 50 to 40.
      • Play x units in PvP: Reduced the amount of required units from 75 to 70.
      • Spend x power in total in PvP: Reduced the amount of required energy from 12000 to 9000.
      • Play x cards in PvP: Reduced the amount of required cards from 150 to 120.
General fixes
  • Fixed an issue where you could not get invited to higher difficulties on maps you already had unlocked.
Card changes
  • Removed the Promo status from Lord Cyrian Card Icon.png Lord Cyrian. It is now a regular Legendary card. The second upgrade will have the same stats as the old promo card version.
    • Energy cost of the card changed from 380 to 380 / 380 / 380 / 375 energy cost.
    • Health points changed from 5250 to 4610 / 4860 / 5250 / 5250.
  • The card upgrades can be gained on Slave Master Minimap.jpg Slave Master for Upgrade 1 and The Insane God Minimap.jpg The Insane God for Upgrade 2 and 3.
    • Appearence of the old card:
Mid-Patch Update of 09 December 2020
  • Fixed Rogan/Viridya/Brannoc/Moon/Dragonkin achievements, which were not completed after the first attempt. The progression for these achievements will be reset for any player who already completed them.
  • Free PvP decks will not count for the "Win with a certain deck level" achievements anymore.
  • Fixed a small incorrect calculation in the reserves system.
  • Fixed missing error description for "Too many users online." when trying to login.

Pre-Release Patch #400018

This patch went live on 26 November 2020.

General fixes
  • Fixed wrong charge amount for card preview in direct trade.
  • Fixed an issue where the game always tried to collect the attachments of mails that were already collected.
  • Fixed an issue where players might freeze in the loading screen in ranked PvP if someone disconnected.
  • Fixed an issue where "Latest booster" was not showing the cards of the latest booster.

Pre-Release Patch #400017

This patch went live on 24 November 2020.

General changes
  • Added rPvE difficulty 5 requirement to all quest descriptions where necessary.
  • Improved the performance of 'Delete all mail' button ingame.
  • All players who receive "Play on map X" quests will have the same map to play on, unless the player does not have it unlocked. Previously every player would receive a random map.
  • The game will now start in windowed mode the first time you start it.
  • You can now clone the free PvP decks in their preview window.
  • Adjusted the free PvP decks UI to be less confusing.
General fixes
  • Fixed several issues with UI elements not properly rendering.
  • Fixed an issue where players could receive impossible to complete quests.
  • Fixed "Collect all gold chests" quests sometimes not progressing when they should.
  • Fixed crash that would sometimes occur when making an rPvE lobby.

Pre-Release Patch #400016

This patch went live on 16 November 2020 and also shipped all contents of the test server exclusive patch #400015.

General changes
  • You are now able to choose between three daily quest pools: PvE, PvP, PvE and PvP.
  • Added a lot of new quests! More information can be found in the forum announcement.
  • You can now play all PvE difficulties for a map from the start instead of having to unlock the Expert difficulty first.
    • By default Standard difficulty is now always selected.
  • On your first login, you will get 2 quests instead of 6 quests from now on.
  • Clicking cards in the auction market will now allow you to test the fully upgraded version (U3) in the forge instead of the unupgraded one.
  • The "Disconnected" players have been removed from the rankings.
  • Due to technical limitations and the upcoming reset, all ranking time's achieved prior to 10 August 2020 have been removed.
General fixes
  • The /team and /match chat now will not be displayed anymore after a match.
  • All players will not freeze in the loading screen anymore, if a player never connects to the game server.
  • Fixed an issue where disenchanted cards were giving twice as much gold as intended in some cases.
Card changes
  • Adjust displayed attack of both affinities of Dryad Card Icon.png Dryad from 445 / 500 / 500 / 550 to 495 / 550 / 550 / 660. The previous displayed damage did not include the splash damage. Actual damage dealt was not changed.

Pre-Release Patch #400015

This patch went live on 07 November 2020, but was only playable on the test server.

General changes
  • You can now play the "Preview" card in the upgrade section.
General fixes
  • Fix UI sometimes allowing the player to change the upgrade level of free PvP cards.
  • Added a fix for missing random elements of campaign maps.
  • Fixed an issue where being online for too long caused errors to appear.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the deck cover of a free PvP deck was deleted.
  • Fixed the selection color for some input fields.

Pre-Release Patch #400014

This patch went live on 31 October 2020.

General fixes
  • Fixed UI sometimes not properly updating when creating/deleting decks in the deck window.
  • Fixed cards from free PvP composed decks showing up as available charges for collection cards. Should solve the error many people were experiencing when trying to charge cards sometimes.
  • Fixed choosing free PvP decks for a second time not working properly.

Pre-Release Patch #400013

This patch went live on 25 October 2020.

General changes
  • You will now be able to choose 2 free fully upgraded and charged PvP decks every week! More information can be found in the forum announcement. The decks are also listed on the PvP section of the article Starter Decks.
  • The game will now display the "Rewards" screen instead of the "News" screen on start-up
  • Rerolled quests will now reward 70 instead of 50 BFP.
General fixes
  • Potentially resolved an issue where it could take multiple minutes until rewards were visible in the postgame screen.

Pre-Release Patch #400012

This patch went live on 18 October 2020.

General changes
  • Changed the cost of very long auctions of ultra rare cards to be 80 gold instead of 90.
General fixes
  • Fixed "Show deck" function for free PvP decks.
  • Fixed an issue where the server thought players were trading, when they were not.

Pre-Release Patch #400011

This patch went live on 14 October 2020.

General fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong unlocked maps were displayed.
  • Added missing text for PvP statistics in the storybook.

Pre-Release Patch #400010

This patch went live on 05 October 2020.

General changes
General fixes
  • Fixed new players not starting out with quests.
  • Fixed Complete Quests achievement not correctly progressing in certain cases when more than one quest was completed in a single match.
  • Fixed incorrect description about free Composed PvP decks in deck creation window.
  • Fixed PvP statistics in storybook.
  • Potentially fixed "No RTTI data" error after a match.
  • Add an indication to replays of the 'Introduction' map, that they might not function properly
  • Fixed an issue with auctioning/upgrading cards contained in the tutorial deck.
Card changes
Mid-Patch Update of 12 October 2020
  • Fixed "Show last opened booster" not showing ... last opened booster.
  • Fixed an issue where you lost a booster if you opened it right when the server restarted.
  • Finishing multiple quests in one match should now count properly for the "Finish quests" achievement.

Pre-Release Patch #400009

This patch went live on 01 October 2020.

General changes
  • Decreased the scroll speed inside of the window that shows the cards in a booster and made sure all promos are displayed at the top.
  • Added the promo version of the neutral cards to the boosters where possible (for example promo Rogan Kayle in Frost booster).
  • Changed upgrade disenchant G Icon.png gold values, more equalizing campaign map's gold reward:
    • Edition Icon Twilight Common.png Common cards: 50 / 300 / 900 to 140, 550, 1000
    • Edition Icon Twilight Uncommon.png Uncommon cards: 100 / 450 / 1500 to 150, 570, 1030
    • Edition Icon Twilight Rare.png Rare cards: 150 / 650 / 2500 to 160, 590, 1060
    • Edition Icon Twilight Ultra Rare.png Ultra Rare cards: 250 / 950 / 3500 to 170, 610, 1090
  • Added a slider for the Field of View in the graphics options.
  • Improved error handling and added localized (instead of only English) error messages.
  • Internal rework of the Quest System, so new quests can be more easily added in the future.
  • Updated Quest System Icons

Pre-Release Patch #400008

This patch went live on 10 September 2020.

General changes
  • Reduce the required time to earn the daily boost from 60 minutes to 45 minutes.
  • Decrease booster prices from 450/700/1000 BFP to 450/475/500 BFP.
  • Added Nature/Shadow (Amii) and Fire/Frost faction boosters.
  • Added thematically appropriate neutral cards to faction boosters.
  • Added a preview of all possible contents of a booster ingame.
General fixes
  • Fixed an error which froze the game after the tutorial.
Mid-Patch Update of 13 September 2020
  • Decreased the time it takes for your ranked ELO range to increase from 30 seconds to 15 seconds, effectively finding an opponent quicker when searching for ranked PvP opponents.

Pre-Release Patch #400007

This patch went live on 07 September 2020.

General changes
  • Reverted a recent change which changed how the time was counted for the rankings
General fixes
  • Fixed numerous issues related to case-sensitivity in deck names
  • Fixed a cause for gold desync in the postgame screen and in the marketplace
  • Fixed error when logging out while the marketplace screen is open
  • Added experimental fixes for the recent increase in disconnects, please report (with logs!) when you still get any disconnects!

Pre-Release Patch #400006

This patch went live on 27 August 2020.

General changes
  • Added an ingame notification when the match desyncs to notify the players of this desync. A desync is when not all players see the same thing happening in the match. Symptoms of a desync include not seeing the actions of other players, as if they were AFK. This notification hopefully prevents players who desync from blaming each other for not doing anything.
General fixes
  • Fixed being able to practically give two decks the same name.
  • Fixed numerous issues related to scratchcards (fully works now).

Pre-Release Patch #400005

This patch went live on 25 August 2020.

General changes
  • Added blinking of BattleForge in the taskbar when receiving a request, or when the lobby updates.
  • Players who left a match will still be shown in the rankings, instead of "Disconnected".
  • Added special icon (the boot) for rPvE map of the month lobbies.
  • The worldmap will now update each time you open it.
Card Changes
General fixes
  • Fixed error sometimes when starting the map editor.
  • Fixed Discord integration, to display extra information in the players status on Discord.
  • Fixed automatically saving password of your BattleForge account for easier login (This can be enabled in the config.json).
  • Fixed crash that would happen when a 13th player joined a group by setting the max group size to 12 players.
  • Fixed daily rewards not being carried over properly over multiple offline days. The same is fixed for quests.
  • Map of the month lobbies will now be properly shown as such in the open games list.
  • Fixed a crash which could occur while creating lobbies (map id 0 error).
  • Fixed russian name of "Timeless" PvE Rank.
  • Attempting to buy an expired auction should now give an appropriate error message.

Pre-Release Patch #400004

This patch went live on 21 August 2020.

General changes
  • Added tooltip to auctions in the search window informing the player about being able to click on the card to play it in the forge.
Card Changes
  • Rebalanced card charges so you more quickly have more charges:
  • Fully charging a card grants twice as much as charges as on U0 (except for 4 charges: 1+1+1+1)
    • 24 charges: 6+6+6+6 -> 12+4+4+4
    • 20 charges: 5+5+5+5 -> 10+4+3+3
    • 16 charges: 4+4+4+4 -> 8+3+3+2
    • 12 charges: 3+3+3+3 -> 6+2+2+2
    • 8 charges: 2+2+2+2 -> 4+2+1+1
    • 4 charges: 1+1+1+1 -> 1+1+1+1
  • This caused the Tutorial Deck to become stronger.
General fixes
  • Fixed numerous issues leading to ingame lag.
  • Fixed game timer not starting sometimes for single player games.
  • Fixed infamous error that would sometimes occur when opening your mailbox.
  • Fixed not being able to open gold chests on 12p maps sometimes or it sometimes opening multiple times.
  • Fixed error sometimes when selecting a PvP map in the "Choose map" section.
  • Fixed incorrect rank being displayed when searching for a player.
  • Fixed sound cues not playing when being whispered of receiving requests from other players.
  • Fixed auctions not displaying "Short" as timeleft when they were about to expire.
  • Fixed incorrectly displaying the remaining time until the reserve is full again.

Pre-Release Patch #400003

This patch went live on 12 August 2020.

General fixes
  • Anti virus issues trojan warning resolved

Pre-Release Patch #400002

This patch went live on 09 August 2020.

General changes/features
  • Added new daily reward and reserve system for gaining daily BFP.
  • Added daily booster discount after playing for a certain amount of time.
  • Added new faction boosters to the store.
  • Added 2vs2 ranked matches.
  • Added 12player PvE matches. Keep in mind 12 player matches only reward gold.
  • Added randomly generated maps to the ranked PvP maps pool.
  • Added ability to click on cards in the marketplace in order to play them in the forge.
  • Increased auction amount to 100 per player.
  • Added option for 48 hour long auctions.
  • Removed the starting 2.5h playtime quest completely.
  • Decreased required amount of ranked pvp matches to reach 100% activity from 30 to 15 matches per month.
  • Adjusted required ranks for purchasing upgrades: the required ranks are 1, 4 and 5 for upgrade 1, 2 and 3, and is the same for all rarities. The required rank can either be your PvE rank, or your highest PvP rank.
  • Added 'Suggested Decks' button in the lobby to view and select the decks you most recently used for a map.
  • Added x16 and x32 speed for watching replays.
  • Improved UI and feedback when trying to upload community maps. More improvements to this will be added at a later stage.
  • Added /match chat.
  • Removed logout button from the escape menu.
  • Drastically improved performance of the upgrade tab.
  • Improved responsiveness of the marketplace.
  • Greatly improved responsiveness while using the leaderboards (may still lag a bit when opening it for the first time).
  • Your own auctions in the "My auctions" tab in the marketplace now show the exact time left instead of Short/Medium/Long.
  • Improved the interface used for creating auctions. You can now put up multiple auctions at once.
  • When searching for auctions, your name on your own auctions will be displayed in bold in order to make them more recognizable.
  • Bidding/Buyout fields will be greyed out for an auction if they are not usable or relevant.
  • Added the amount of hours next to the different time options when trying to create an auction.
  • Minor general improvements to the story book.
  • Replaced the "Manual" button with a "Wiki" button in the news section.
  • Added a `Patreon` button in the news section.
  • Added small counter at the bottom of the `Auction Watchlist` window ingame that shows your current amount of auctions watchlisted.
  • Added small ingame pop-up for new players asking if they would like to play the tutorial map.
  • Added the ability to navigate the map selection screen (PvP and Community PvE) with your arrow keys.
  • Hid the match loot dropdown whenever trying to create a 1 or 12 player match.
  • Hid the loot type for rPVE matches in the game selection screen, as rPvE does not reward upgrades.
General fixes
  • Fixed many group and match bugs.
  • Fixed many issues with disconnecting/getting stuck in the loading screen.
  • You no longer need to restart BattleForge if you enter the wrong password.
  • Fixed match running too fast/slow which resulted in stuttering or teleporting.
  • Fixed trade button tooltip saying the player accepted the trade while he did not.
  • Fixed german version of the 'promo from booster' notification message.
  • Fixed replays of community maps not showing in the replays menu in certain cases.
  • Fixed a minor issue with trying to upload PVP community maps.
  • Fixed BFP desync when bidding more than the buyout on a card in the auction house.
  • Fixed incorrect error feedback when setting the bid amount to less than 2 on a card for the auction house.
  • Fixed selected map in the create a game window not always being remembered properly between opening and closing the window for PvP and Community maps.
  • Fixed quests not properly refreshing in the UI after rerolling a quest.
  • Fixed player buildings not being destroyed and units not being killed if a player disconnected or left without doing any action in the match.
  • Fixed random (windows) error sounds while playing the game.
  • Fixed show and request deck with the tutorial deck not working.
  • Fixed gained ELO text-overflow in postgame screen for 2vs2.
  • Fixed the cause of the error message "A card of this type is already in your deck!".
  • Fixed a disconnect that occurred upon answering a direct trade request.
  • Fixed minor issues related to need/greed when all players had all upgrades being rewarded.
  • Fixed some errors with ingame UI tutorial and updated relevant steps in the tutorial.
  • Fixed error after using the filter option in the upgrades window after applying/removing an upgrade.
  • Fixed UI overlapping and world map UI issues in 1600x1024 resolution.
  • Fixed that you could copy a deck (using the view deck window) from another player while being ready.
  • Fixed not being able to start games sometimes for players that are on public networks.
  • Fixed maximum limit of 2000 quests completed for "Complete some quests" achievement.
  • Fixed an issue in the mail from the auction house where it would sometimes say that you sold your card for 0 BFP.
  • Properly handle the case where the player has not opened a booster yet but tries to view his latest opened booster.
  • Fixed issue where you could buy avatars for free.
  • Renamed Encounters With Twilight to Encounters with Twilight Minimap.jpg Encounters with Twilight to fit the scenario naming convention.
Card changes