Skylords Reborn

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Patches are a modification to the files of Skylords Reborn, issued by Project Staff. Every patch will contain one or more of the following materials:

  • New game content: Cards, Maps etc.
  • Balancing changes: Changes made to even out the power balance between cards.
  • Bug fixes: Changes made to correct unintended behavior in the game.
  • Client/Backend/development changes: Technology or configuration changes that go on behind the scenes.
  • Patch Notes: An official documentation of the changes made.

Below are recent patches and their changelogs listed. For patches that went live before the Release Patch #400020 visit Patches/Pre-Release.

Patch #400033

This patch went live on 5 June 2022.[1]

  • A full list of the changes can be found here.
  • This is the fifth patch that contains balancing changes. The previous balancing patch was Patch #400031.

Patch #400032

This patch went live on 29 January 2022.[2]

  • A full list of the changes can be found here.

Patch #400031

This patch went live on 18 December 2021.[3]

  • A full list of the changes can be found here.
  • This is the fourth patch that contains balancing changes. The previous balancing patch was Patch #400030.

Patch #400030

This patch went live on 08 September 2021.[4]

  • A full list of the changes can be found here.
  • This is the third patch that contains balancing changes. The previous balancing patch was Patch #400028.

Patch #400029

This patch went live on 23 May 2021.[5]

General changes
  • A selected auction duration will not reset to its default after placing the auction. Instead it will stay at the last selected auction duration.
  • Snapjaws (Promo) Card Icon.png Snapjaws (Promo) are now tradable. They still cannot be obtained from boosters.
  • Changed the achievement Friendly Neighbourhood's Skylord to reward a General Booster Pack HD.png General Booster Pack every 20 completed quests instead of the progression based BattleForge Points reward.
  • Removed the Latest Booster button and replaced it with a History button that will open a window showing the complete history of opened boosters for that player.
  • Added temporary Scratch Card Id COMM-UNIT-YUPD-ATE3 that is valid until June 5th. It can be used only once per player and yields BFP Icon.png 100 BattleForge Points.
General fixes
  • Fixed postgame screen (after a match) showing a negative BFP gain occasionally.
  • Players will no longer receive a warning in the middle of their screen that their in-game mailbox is full while in-game.
  • Improved numerous tooltips in the in-game Rankings page.

Patch #400028

This patch went live on 03 May 2021.[6]

  • A full list of the changes can be found here.
  • This is the second patch that contains balancing changes. The previous balancing patch was Patch #400022.

Patch #400027

This patch went live on 23 April 2021.[7]

General changes
  • Replaced the ingame news with an "Events" tab. You can see all active and upcoming challenges and tournaments in there. This will be the default tab when you start the game.

Patch #400026

This patch went live on 07 April 2021.[8]

General changes
  • Fixed various causes of server crashes.
  • Added official spectator maps for the 1vs1 pvp maps. These maps are based on the recent reworks on the test server.
  • Added the completion date for achievements.
  • Reordered and added some loading screen hints.
  • Reworked russian translations for many UI-Texts (Mostly surrounding Quests).
  • Removed Wazhai Minimap.jpg Wazhai from the PvP ranked pool.
General fixes
  • Fixed edge case where the UI would say that the player had an active booster discount when they did not.
Mid-Patch Update of 3 April 2021

Patch #400025

This patch went live on 26 January 2021.[9]

General Changes
  • Many behind-the-scenes changes for stability.
  • Prevented the player state to automatically change from `Do Not Disturb` (DND) to another state by the game automatically. For example, previously if you had set your state to DND and then started a match, your state would automatically be changed to `Ingame`. This does not happen anymore and if the player now manually sets their state to DND it will remain in that state until the player chooses the `Online` state again.
General Fixes
  • Fixed in-game chat slow-mode also applying to group, team and match channels.

Patch #400024

This patch went live on 19 January 2021.[10]

General changes
  • Removed promotional code PROM-OMOU-NTAI-NEER from the shop.
  • Ended 100BFP discount to all boosters in the shop.
  • Added Do Not Disturb (DND). This can be toggled in the Contacts window in-game. When a player is in DND they don't receive any requests, cannot be whispered and cannot receive mails from other players.
    • More specifically, the requests they don't receive are:
      • Trade requests
      • Show deck requests
      • Request deck requests
      • Group invites
  • Added slow-mode to public chat channels in-game. Players can now only send messages every 10 seconds. This does not apply to whispers.
  • Adjusted the description of some achievements in French.
  • Improved error messages received when purchasing a booster fails.
  • Added localization for the match desynchronization message.
General fixes
  • Fixed error when certain characters were used to search for achievements by name in the achievements window.
  • Fixed map goals not updating when changing slots. They now change accordingly to reflect the goals of the player in that slot.
Mid-Patch Update of 19 January 2021
  • There seemed to be an issue where slow-mode also applied to group/team/match channels. Until this is fixed, the slow-mode time has been decreased to 1 second.

Patch #400023

This patch went live on 06 January 2021.[11]

General changes
  • Changed e-mail input field in the login screen to only allow e-mails shorter than 140 characters.
  • Changed the post-game chat notification about received rewards to clarify that the received rewards are upgrades.
General fixes
  • Fixed players not receiving new quests, their daily boost not refilling or the game thinking they had already bought their daily discounted booster when they did not.
  • Fixed "Open all gold chests on campaign map" quest not working on The Treasure Fleet Minimap.jpg The Treasure Fleet.
  • Fixed client freeze when trying to whisper a player that contained characters from the Cyrillic alphabet.
  • Fixed gained upgrades after winning a match sometimes not showing in the players inventory.
Card changes
  • Improved the tooltip of Winter Witch Card Icon.png Winter Witch in Russian.
  • Reverted displayed attack type of Shadow Worm Card Icon.png Shadow Worm back to "L" instead of "XL", since the previous change of the attack type did not function correctly.

Patch #400022

This patch went live on 01 January 2021.[12]

  • A full list of the changes can be found here.
  • Contains actual balancing changes for the first time in Skylords Reborn.

Patch #400021

This patch went live on 31 December 2020.[13]

General changes
  • Made Mini Booster Pack HD.png Mini Booster Pack untradeable. These boosters were meant to be opened and not traded, and we noticed some players were trying to scam with this booster.
  • Added "Unlimited" PvP mode for sparring. In this sparring mode players can use both the free PvP cards and the cards from their own collection. This is unlike the "Collection" sparring PvP mode which was changed to allow players to only use cards from their own collection (and will not allow free PvP cards to be used). Ranked PvP works as before and players can freely choose what cards they would like to use.
  • Matches played alone will now not kick the player if they go AFK. Instead, they will not receive any BFP from their daily boost and will also not progress in any quest or achievement. They will still receive the rewards for completing the match (this includes the upgrades).
  • The Ravenheart card as reward from the achievement "Blight's Black Heart" is now tradable. All Ravenheart cards from this achievement have been made tradeable.
  • Added an option to save your password in the login screen.
General fixes
  • Improved the description and translations of several achievements and quests.
  • Minor adjustments to UI elements in the quests window.
  • Fixed very rarely being able to open gold chests multiple times.
  • Fixed various issues with distributing rewards and updating UI in the post-game screen.

Release Patch #400020

This patch went live on 12 December 2020 and with it the release on Friday, 18th of December 2020.[14]

General changes
  • Added a "Forgot password" button in the login screen.
  • Added a reminder of the multi-accounting rule when creating a character.
  • Added a special scratch card code PROM-OMOU-NTAI-NEER, despite its name it yields
  • Reduced all booster prices by 100BFP. The price reduction will be active until the 18th January
  • Added Northguards Card Icon.png Northguards to the pool of PvE starter cards.
  • Santa Claus (Promo) Card Icon.png Santa Claus (Promo) can now be traded and purchased.
General fixes
  • Added translations for "This card is not tradable" error message.
  • Fix minor issues with achievement descriptions and names.