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Nature is one of the nine playable Factions in BattleForge. It is represented with the colour green and all Nature cards have a green border.

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Nature has many forms of Crowd Control. This includes paralysis, sleep, transformation, or rooting to the ground. There is also a Spellblocking mechanic used for preventing the enemy from playing out any cards or using ranged attacks within a specific area. Another popular ability of nature's units is Linked Fire, which allows them to root themselves to the ground to create a powerful Root Network with nearby units. Nature is especially strong in supporting with its variety of healing spells, and triumphs with perseverance to come out ahead of long-lasting fights.


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Nature chose to be. The trees where created by the Earth as a defence against the winds, to root its soil and drink the rains. But they rebelled against the Earth and created their own realm that would serve as a haven for life that would color the world instead of ravage it.

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