Skylords Reborn
Skylords Reborn
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Movement speed is a unit's statistic that represents the rate at which it can travel across the map. One movement speed point translates to one game distance unit (meters) traveled per second. For example, a unit with 4.8 movement speed will be able to walk 4.8 meters in one second.

Each unit has a collision radius that determines their ability to path around units and terrain. The smaller the collision radius, the easier it is to move without getting blocked. The collision radius depends on the size of the unit. Just like the collision radius a unit's base movement speed depends on the size aswell.

Table of movement speeds

Each unit begins the game with a base run speed. Depending on that movement speed the unit might get one of the passive abilities below. Flying units are inherently faster but do not have this stated.

Movement Speed Label
S / M units L / XL
x < 2.4 x < 2.4 Very Slow
2.4 ≤ x < 4.8 2.4 ≤ x < 6.4 Slow
x = 4.8 x = 6.4 (default)
4.8 ≤ x < 9.6 6.4 ≤ x < 9.6 Swift
9.6 ≤ x 9.6 ≤ x Very Swift

Movement speed changes

A unit's base movement speed can be increased by flat bonuses by passive abilities and temporary bonuses by mode changes.

Increase in movement speed

A unit can gain increased movementspeed by means of mode change (toggle) or active abilities.

Decrease in movement speed

A unit's movementspeed can also be decreased which means that the unit then only uses their walk movement speed instead of run movement speed.

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