Skylords Reborn
Skylords Reborn

Auction Costs

Creating an auction in the Marketplace costs Gold based on the Rarity of the card and the selected auction duration.

Rarity / Auction Duration Short (2h) Medium (8h) Long (24h) Very Long (48h)
Common G Icon.png 1 Gold G Icon.png 2 Gold G Icon.png 3 Gold G Icon.png 4 Gold
Uncommon G Icon.png 2 Gold G Icon.png 4 Gold G Icon.png 6 Gold G Icon.png 8 Gold
Rare G Icon.png 5 Gold G Icon.png 10 Gold G Icon.png 15 Gold G Icon.png 20 Gold
Ultra Rare G Icon.png 20 Gold G Icon.png 40 Gold G Icon.png 60 Gold G Icon.png 80 Gold

Patch History

Patch #400029
  • A selected auction duration will not reset to its default after placing the auction. Instead it will stay at the last selected auction duration.
Pre-Release Patch #400002
  • Increased auction amount to 100 per player.
  • Added Very Long (48 hours) auction option.
  • Your own auctions in the "My auctions" tab in the marketplace now show the exact time left instead of Short/Medium/Long.
  • Improved the interface used for creating auctions. You can now put up multiple auctions at once.
  • When searching for auctions, your name on your own auctions will be displayed in bold in order to make them more recognizable.
  • Bidding/Buyout fields will be greyed out for an auction if they are not usable or relevant.
  • Added the amount of hours next to the different time options when trying to create an auction.
  • Added small counter at the bottom of the 'Auction Watchlist' window ingame that shows your current amount of auctions watchlisted.

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