Skylords Reborn
Skylords Reborn

In Skylords Reborn players can create custom maps using the Map Editor.


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  • Map Creation
    • Folder Structure
    • Files explaination (paking map etc)
    • Random Map Generator
    • Map Editor
      • Basics (Movement, Orientation, Functions) toggle things: render filter , fiew
      • Map setup, team setup, playerkits, language etc,
      • page per plugin (ie water tool), small tools on one page (distance measurement, selection)
      • Cutscene Editor
      • Entity List
      • Entity Placement
      • Entity Properties
    • Scripting
      • Full Reference
      • ID Listen (Spell, Unit, Building, Database
      • Examples

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Map Creation

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Map Editor Functions

Basics ▪ Camera ▪ Map Settings ▪ Render Filter ▪ View


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Map Scripting Functions

Basics ▪ States ▪ Events ▪ Actions & Conditions ▪ Script Information - Full Reference ▪ Examples

ID Lists

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