Skylords Reborn
Skylords Reborn

In Skylords Reborn players can create custom maps using the Map Editor.


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  • Map Creation
    • Folder Structure (somewhat done)
    • Files explaination (paking map etc)
    • Random Map Generator
    • Map Editor
      • Basics (Movement, Orientation, Functions) toggle things: render filter , fiew
      • Map setup, team setup, playerkits, language etc,
      • page per plugin (ie water tool), small tools on one page (distance measurement, selection)
      • Cutscene Editor
      • Entity List
      • Entity Placement
      • Entity Properties
    • Scripting
      • Full Reference
      • ID Listen (Spell, Unit, Building, Database
      • Examples

Map file structure

Below is a typical community map file and folder strcuture displayed. If no file type is displayed it is a folder:

  • <Type>_<Map_Name>
    • bf1
      • map
        • ug_not_shipped
          • <Type>_<Map_Name>.map
          • <Type>_<Map_Name>
            • goals.xml
            • config
              • map_settings.json
            • script1
              • _main.lua
              • ...
            • script2
              • ...
            • script3
              • ...
            • terrain
              • normal_patches
                • ...
            • ui
              • artwork.jpg
              • description.xml
              • minimap.jpg
              • outcry_portraits
                • <type>_<entity_name>_outcry.tga

Extended configuration for community maps

In Skylords Reborn, map creators have the option to add a .json file into a config folder which can modify the pre-defined goals for PvP maps.[1]

    "V1": {
        "map_end_tick": 18000,
        "hide_pvp_map_end_timer": false,
        "hide_pvp_map_score": false

In the example above the PvP match will end after 18000 ticks (= 1800 seconds = 30 minutes), it will not hide the timer and it will not hide the scores. These are the default values for 1v1 and 2v2. However, 3v3 maps have a default time of 45 minutes, so this will allow you to make 3v3 maps which last for a different maximum duration.


All these parameters are optional and can be omitted. They do the following:

  • map_end_tick: This parameter defines when to end the game. This is specified in ticks. So 1 tick is equal to 0.1 seconds, and 10 ticks are equal to 1 second.
  • hide_pvp_map_end_timer: This parameter removes the timer which shows the remaining time from the goals. Please note that this is only visual, and changing map_end_tick is required in order to allow longer games.
  • hide_pvp_map_score: This parameter removes the scores for each team from the goals, They will still be computed and shown after the match in the post-game statistics.


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