Skylords Reborn

In Skylords Reborn players can create custom maps using the Map Editor.


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  • Map Creation
    • Folder Structure (somewhat done)
    • Files explaination (paking map etc)
    • Random Map Generator
    • Map Editor
      • Basics (Movement, Orientation, Functions) toggle things: render filter , fiew
      • Map setup, team setup, playerkits, language etc,
      • page per plugin (ie water tool), small tools on one page (distance measurement, selection)
      • Cutscene Editor
      • Entity List
      • Entity Placement
      • Entity Properties
    • Scripting
      • Full Reference
      • ID Listen (Spell, Unit, Building, Database
      • Examples

Map file structure[]

Below is a typical community map file with it folder structure displayed. If no file type is displayed it is a (sub-)folder:

  • <identifier prefix>_<map name>.pak
    • bf1
      • map
        • ug_not_shipped
          • <identifier prefix>_<map name>.map
          • <identifier prefix>_<map name>
            • goals.xml
            • camera
            • config
              • map_settings.json
            • script1
              • _main.lua
              • _scriptgroups.lua
              • _scriptlist.lua
              • ...
            • script2
              • ...
            • script3
              • ...
            • terrain
              • normal_patches
                • ...
            • ui
              • artwork.jpg
              • description.xml
              • minimap.jpg
              • outcry_portraits
                • unit_<unit_name>_outcry.tga

Extended configuration for community maps[]

In Skylords Reborn, map creators have the option to add a map_settings.json file into a config folder, which can modify the pre-defined goals for PvP maps. [1]

Example Syntax[]

    "V1": {
        "map_end_tick": 18000,
        "hide_pvp_map_end_timer": false,
        "hide_pvp_map_score": false,
        "extension_ticks": 300,
        "perform_draw_check_at_remaining_ticks_before_end": 20,
        "on_draw_add_looping_extension_ticks": true

In the example above the PvP match will end after 18000 ticks (= 1800 seconds = 30 minutes) and will neither hide the match timer nor the team scores. Additionally, each time if the score would constitute a draw at 20 ticks (= 2 seconds) before the end of the match, the duration would be extended by 300 ticks (= 30 seconds).


All these parameters are optional and their order does not matter.

Parameter Explanation / Usage Notes
map_end_tick This numeric parameter defines after how many ticks the game ends. 1 tick is equal to 0.1 seconds. By default, 1v1 and 2v2 matches last for 18,000 ticks and 3v3 maps for 27,000 ticks.
hide_pvp_map_end_timer This boolean parameter can be set to true, in order to hide the remaining match duration timer from the user interface of the goals. Please note that this is only visual, and changing map_end_tick is required in order to allow for an actual change in duration.
hide_pvp_map_score This boolean parameter can be set to true, in order to hide the scores for each team from the user interface of the goals. Please note that this is only visual, and they will still be computed and be shown after the match in the post-game statistics.
extension_ticks This numeric parameter defines by how many ticks the match duration should be extended in case of a draw. If on_draw_add_looping_extension_ticks is not specified, this extension will only be granted once.
perform_draw_check_at_remaining_ticks_before_end This numeric parameter specifies when to perform the draw check on whether or not to extend the remaining time of the match. By default, this is done at the minimum time which is 20 ticks (= 2 seconds) before the end.
on_draw_add_looping_extension_ticks This boolean parameter can be set to true, in order to extend the match by the ticks specified in extension_ticks, looping for as many times until there is no longer a draw.
  • The score system displays a team score in multi-player PvP games, but only the score of the player with the highest score on each team is compared to determine the winner of the match. This lack of transparency in itself makes for confusing match outcomes and therefore the use of the game time extending parameters is not recommended for non-1v1 maps.
    • However, the system works fine for 1v1 spectator maps, as there the team score is determined by only one player per team.


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