Basic Info

The Magma Hurler is a Third-Era archer for the Fire faction. A powerful, reliable unit; the Magma Hurler combines ease of use with high strength and a forgiving power cost.

It is one of the best cards for players new to Skylords Reborn, and can also serve veterans well.

Ability Info

Card Icon Autocast
Magma Balls

Every 4 seconds, unit hurls a magma ball at enemies that deals 240 damage to enemies in a 5m radius around its target, up to 360 in total. Knocks back small and medium units.

Magma Hurlers possess a very powerful attack that is capable of disrupting two creature sizes, and deals counter damage to Large creatures.

The ability to counteract three creature sizes makes the Magma Hurler incredibly versatile and applicable to most situations.

Tips & Strategies

Magma Hurlers are most powerful in large quantities, which is complimented by its cheap power cost relative to other Third-Era cards.

Spamming them and synchronizing their attacks can instantly kill many opponents, which often prevents retaliation.


Magma Hurlers are incredibly versatile and apply effectively to every map in the game.

They are however, not sustainable on their own against overwhelming odds. Expert maps challenge their hitpoints greatly.


Magma Hurlers are an excellent card that can pull you through most battlegrounds.

Difficulty 10 can be very punishing however, so their hitpoints will become a glaring vulnerability


Magma Hurlers are a very solid end-game creature in Player vs Player. Thanks to the knockback against lesser creatures, and its L counter; most creatures will struggle.

XL creatures can often destroy many hurlers before going down, so they pose a threat.


Upgrade Drop Locations

Magma Hurler Card Icon Magma Hurler Upgrade I Upgrade II Upgrade III
Map name Siege of Hope Minimap Siege of Hope Siege of Hope Minimap Siege of Hope Siege of Hope Minimap Siege of Hope
Map difficulty Standard Advanced Expert
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