Skylords Reborn

While success in BattleForge requires good strategic and tactical decisions, being able to execute these decisions quickly is vital as well. Learning the keyboard shortcuts can help bring players to a higher level of play and efficiency. Using hotkeys can help players save precious time when playing new units, buildings, and spells.

View Shortcuts

Moves camera to the first Monument; successive presses cycle through other monuments.
Resets view to default, including zoom and rotation.

Repair Shortcuts

Changes cursor to repair mode; select buildings to toggle repair ability; press escape to return cursor to default selection mode.
Repairs all selected buildings.

Card Hotkeys

Select card 1-10 respectively.
Select cards 11-20 respectively.

Successive Function Key Method

There is an additional way to quickly access cards that are in deck slots 11 through 20. Pressing a function key or Ctrl+function key when that card is already selected will select the next card ten slots over.

A card 1-10 is selected and its corresponding F-key is pressed again
The card that is 10 slots ahead (11-20) is selected.
A card 11-20 is selected and its corresponding Ctrl+F-key is pressed again
The card that is 10 slots back (1-10) is selected.