Skylords Reborn
Skylords Reborn

In SkylordsReborn players can communicate via Ingame Mail and chat. Clicking on the forge menu button or using the right click pop-up menu on a player and selecting the button "Send mail" will open the window Mails.


When the inbox is filled with unread mail, the button in the forge menu bar will blink. Official mail, as such you receive quest rewards in, is marked by the SkylordsReborn logo. Incoming mail is stored for 30 days.

Ingame mail incoming.png

Deleting mail will automatically collect all attachements and add them to your inventory. Using the delete all button will clear your entire inbox and also add any attachments to your inventory. This process might take a few seconds.


When sending mails this costs 1 Gold. Players can attach BattleForge Points, and up to 8 Cards or Booster Packs to their mail. Gold currently cannot be sent nor traded in any way.

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