Haladur is a 1v1 PvP map that is unlocked by default. There is an official spectator version available.

Haladur is a large map without any walls and features four central locations with 2 power wells and a monument at each position. There are no cliffs for long-range units or buildings to exploit, but the cliffs in the middle of the map are advantageous to flying units, as it allows them to attack and retreat easily.

Strategy & Notes

Flying units can be used to great effect over the cliffs in the center, as they can avoid spells such as Gravity Surge Card Icon.png Gravity Surge or easily get out of range of others such as Nasty Surprise Card Icon.png Nasty Surprise.

Patch History

  • Starting positions (Wells and Monument) were slightly moved towards the map's centre to reduce early well distances.
  • Starting positions of player 1 and 2 were swapped.
  • The Minimap has been updated accordingly.

Haladur Minimap Old.jpg


Haladur Minimap.jpg
New Minimap

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