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Gold is the secondary ingame currency in SkylordsReborn, besides BattleForge Points. It can be used for upgrading cards, paying auction and mail fees, but cannot be traded or mailed.

Gold can be obtained by completing matches in PvP, Campaign (PvE) and Battlegrounds (rPvE) or simply by opening Gold Chests in the latter two modes.

Earning Gold


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For PvP matches, players get a gold reward at the end of the match, based on the duration of the match and whether they won or lost.

Campaign (PvE)

1 player Campaign Reward

2-4 player reward

In Campaign players get a reward upon winning the match in form of Card Upgrades. Disconnected players will get no reward. (PENDING CONFIRMATION)

  • For winning single-player campaign scenarios, twp upgrade cards are granted, for everything else four in total.
  • The upgrade tier of all cards is determined by the difficulty of the completed match.
    • Standard difficulty yields upgrade cards of Tier I, Advanced Tier II and Expert Tier III.
    • Each map has a pool of thematically fitting upgrade cards that can only drop on that map. These pools include cards of all difficulties per map and then two or four out of that pool are randomly rewarded at the end.
  • The upgrades can either be assigned to the player (get randomly assigned in reward mode "Random") or disenchanted into Gold. A player cannot get a duplicate upgrade and it will then be disenchanted for all instead.
  • All players receive the same amount of Gold per disenchanted upgrade.

Below is a table with the current gold disenchant values per upgrade, which are based on the rarity of the card and its tier:

Rarity / Upgrade Tier One (I) Two (II) Three (III)
Common G Icon.png 140 Gold G Icon.png 550 Gold G Icon.png 1000 Gold
Uncommon G Icon.png 150 Gold G Icon.png 570 Gold G Icon.png 1030 Gold
Rare G Icon.png 160 Gold G Icon.png 590 Gold G Icon.png 1060 Gold
Ultra Rare G Icon.png 170 Gold G Icon.png 610 Gold G Icon.png 1090 Gold
  • On 12 player maps, all players get a flat gold value based on difficulty:

Battleground (rPvE)

In Battlegrounds (randomly generated PvE matches) all players of the match are rewarded with Gold upon winning the map. The scenario type currently does not influence the reward. With increasing difficulty, the gold reward increases as well. The table below depicts the current Gold rewards:

Difficulty / Scenario Type 1-player scenario 2-player scenario 4-player scenario
rPvE 1 G Icon.png 100 Gold G Icon.png 100 Gold G Icon.png 100 Gold
rPvE 2 G Icon.png 150 Gold G Icon.png 150 Gold G Icon.png 150 Gold
rPvE 3 G Icon.png 200 Gold G Icon.png 200 Gold G Icon.png 200 Gold
rPvE 4 G Icon.png 500 Gold G Icon.png 500 Gold G Icon.png 500 Gold
rPvE 5 G Icon.png 1250 Gold G Icon.png 1250 Gold G Icon.png 1250 Gold
rPvE 6 G Icon.png 1500 Gold G Icon.png 1500 Gold G Icon.png 1500 Gold
rPvE 7 G Icon.png 2200 Gold G Icon.png 2200 Gold G Icon.png 2200 Gold
rPvE 8 G Icon.png 3250 Gold G Icon.png 3250 Gold G Icon.png 3250 Gold
rPvE 9 G Icon.png 4200 Gold G Icon.png 4200 Gold G Icon.png 4200 Gold
rPvE 10 G Icon.png 6000 Gold G Icon.png 6000 Gold G Icon.png 6000 Gold

Gold Chests

Gold Chest in a typical rPvE camp

  • Gold Chest Icon.png Gold Chests can only be found in Campaign (PvE) and Battlegrounds (rPvE).
    • Gold Chests in Community maps are purely decorative and cannot be opened.
  • In Campaign games, Gold Chests are always located in the same position, regardless of players or difficulty.
    • Depending on the maximum number of starting players of the campaign map, up to eight chests in total.
  • In Battlegrounds chests are randomly distributed over the map, but within enemy camps.

Gold Chest Artwork

Gold Chest Post-Game Screen

  • Gold Chests can be opened using nearby unoccupied own ground units by right-clicking on the chest. During their spawn animation units are unoccupied. The received gold from opened chests during the game is also granted if the game is lost in the end.
  • There are currently quests about opening enough gold chests.
  • Gold chests give all players in the active game a random gold value but within a fixed range. This range depends on difficulty of the match and the number of already opened gold chests.
    • The first opened chest gives only half of the base gold range, but the second one gives double the base gold range.
    • Third chest onwards, the value is always within the base gold range.
    • This is a measure to avoid abuse of players by simple fast opening of the first, often easily accessible gold chest and then exiting the match.
  • The greatest base gold range is available on Expert or rPvE 9-10. If played only on Advanced or rPvE 6-8, the range is halved and for Standard or rPvE 1-5 even divided by three (truncation of rest).

Below is a table with the current gold ranges:

Difficulty / Number of Chests opened First Chest Second Chest Every Chest after
Standard or rPvE 1-5 G Icon.png 6 - 26 Gold G Icon.png 26 - 106 Gold G Icon.png 13 - 53 Gold
Advanced or rPvE 6-8 G Icon.png 10 - 40 Gold G Icon.png 40 - 160 Gold G Icon.png 20 - 80 Gold
Expert or rPvE 9-10 G Icon.png 20 - 80 Gold G Icon.png 80 - 320 Gold G Icon.png 40 - 160 Gold

Below is a table with the total number of obtainable gold chests sorted by map. Hover over the map name to see the chest's location or visit the respective map page.

Spending Gold

Auction House

Rarity / Auction Duration Short (2h) Medium (8h) Long (24h) Very Long (48h)
Common G Icon.png 1 Gold G Icon.png 2 Gold G Icon.png 3 Gold G Icon.png 4 Gold
Uncommon G Icon.png 2 Gold G Icon.png 4 Gold G Icon.png 6 Gold G Icon.png 8 Gold
Rare G Icon.png 5 Gold G Icon.png 10 Gold G Icon.png 15 Gold G Icon.png 20 Gold
Ultra Rare G Icon.png 20 Gold G Icon.png 40 Gold G Icon.png 60 Gold G Icon.png 80 Gold

Ingame Mail

Sending ingame mail always costs 1 Gold.

Patch History

Pre-Release Patch #400012
  • Changed the cost of very long auctions of ultra rare cards to be 80 gold instead of 90.
Pre-Release Patch #400009
  • Changed upgrade disenchant G Icon.png gold values, more equalizing campaign map's gold reward:
    • Edition Icon Twilight Common.png Common cards: 50 / 300 / 900 to 140, 550, 1000
    • Edition Icon Twilight Uncommon.png Uncommon cards: 100 / 450 / 1500 to 150, 570, 1030
    • Edition Icon Twilight Rare.png Rare cards: 150 / 650 / 2500 to 160, 590, 1060
    • Edition Icon Twilight Ultra Rare.png Ultra Rare cards: 250 / 950 / 3500 to 170, 610, 1090