Skylords Reborn

Fyre is a 2v2 PvP map that is unlocked by default. There is an official spectator version available.


Patch History

Patch #400033
  • Increased the construction cost of the 4 outer Fortification Wall Entity Icon.png Fortification Walls from 25 to 50 power and decreased their distance to the respective power wells in the area (🡩🡫).
    • This way these walls can no longer be built by enemies if the opposing team owns the power well closest to the wall.
    • Additionally, slightly narrowed the layout of the respective area around the wall in the bottom left to enable the same effect there.
  • Added flying blocking at the 2 big lakes in the center to prevent sieging across them with long-ranged flying units ().
    • This is now visualized by permanently present clouds in the area.
  • The power wells in the top left of the upper starting base and in the bottom right of the lower starting base now provide spawn presence for units and buildings ().
  • Fixed various other minor blocking issues.
  • Swapped the starting positions including the power wells and monuments of the teams, whilst preserving previous symmetry.
  • Changed the type of the players to Human in the map settings.
  • Adjusted the minimap to reflect the changes and to be more accurate in general.
  • Added an official spectator version of the changed map.
Fyre Minimap Old.jpgStarting Position Player 01 Icon.pngStarting Position Player 02 Icon.pngStarting Position Player 03 Icon.pngStarting Position Player 04 Icon.png🡩🡩🡫🡫


Fyre Minimap.jpgStarting Position Player 01 Icon.pngStarting Position Player 02 Icon.pngStarting Position Player 03 Icon.pngStarting Position Player 04 Icon.png

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