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Frost is one of the nine playable Factions in BattleForge. It is represented with the colour blue and all Frost cards have a blue border.

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Frost cards are the most defensive ones in BattleForge. It focuses on defending your power wells and orbs early game. Due to the defensiveness of Frost they have low attack but high health. Some of them have steadfast and agility, which grants them ability to not get knocked back (steadfast) and get bonuses close to buildings (agility). Frost has some of the most resilient First Tier creatures. Although, because Frost units are slow, it is pretty easy to kite them or outrun them. Additionally, the Frost Faction possesses the only First Tier card that provided units with additional damage when close to buildings, they also possess many Spells that repair buildings.


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Frost was created by the winds and mists to stop the invasion of the Ancients in a massive layer of ice. So a new element joined creation, a force that would be the shield and shelter of those in need, unyielding, valiant and gifted with the wisdom of its fathers elements.

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