Skylords Reborn
Fortification Wall Entity Artwork

Regular Appearance

Fortification Wall Frostland Entity Artwork

Frostland Appearance

Fortification Walls, or simply Walls are defensive structures that can be built on wall foundations that can be found in static places spread across campaign and PvP maps. They are the third type of claimable structure, besides Monument Entity Icon Monuments and Power Well Entity Icon Power Wells. Walls often block a chokepoint in the terrain or surround a monument location. Small units can be positioned on top of walls.


Claiming a wall requires ground presence nearby, and costs a variable amount of power (25 or more) depending on the wall. Walls bind 100% of their power cost (see Void Power).

Walls consist of several segments that are all built at once. Each wall segment has 2500 life points, while the gate only has 2000. Attacking and destroying one wall segment allows most units to pass through. The power bound by the wall is only refunded when all segments are destroyed. Demolishing the wall destroys all segments.

A lot of walls offer a choice of two orientations for construction. This determines from which side units can climb on the wall. Allied players can toggle the gate of the wall to let units pass.


Small units can stand on top of walls. This reduces the damage they take from attacks. Knockback effects can knock units off the wall. If a wall segment drops to 250 life points or lower, any units mounting that segment will be dismounted and it cannot be mounted again until it is repaired above this threshold.

Flying units can fly over walls unhindered.

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Patch History[]

Patch #400034
  • Added a cooldown icon indicator for the gate's toggle ability.
  • Improved status bar description to be more consistent.
Patch #400033
  • Increased the gate's toggle cooldown from 1.4 seconds to 3.4 seconds.
    • This may lead to different pathing for non-player controlled entities.