Fire Stalker is a Tier 2 (Tokenslot Orb Neutral.pngTokenslot Orb Fire.png) Icon Unit.pngUnit of the Fire faction. This common card was released with the Twilight Edition and has no affinity variants, nor a promo version.
In Skylords Reborn this card is available to all players as a starter card.

Incredibly versatile units. Fire stalkers are capable of fulfilling the roles of long-range siege and swift skirmisher all in one unit.




Card Icon Passive.png

Swift Moves at high speed.

Swift allows the Fire Stalker to catch up to slower moving foes or evade enemies. It also allows for fast paced scouting.

Card Icon Toggle.png

Inner Fire Enable to gain Unstable Ember and Siege. Loses Swift.

Inner Fire allows the Fire Stalker to change its method of attack from a fast-moving skirmisher, to a long range siege weapon. This ability is completely free and quick to toggle. Mastering it is important to get the most out of a Fire Stalker.

Card Icon Autocast.png

Unstable Ember Every 5 seconds, unit shoots a fiery bomb that explodes after 3 seconds dealing 80 damage to enemies in a 10m radius around its target, up to 120 in total. Knocks back small units. Affects ground units only.

Unstable Ember is a slow firing but long range method of attack that changes the cards effective ATK to approximately 520.

The bomb does not explode until three seconds have passed after its landing.

Card Icon Passive.png

Siege Deals 50% more damage against structures.

Siege amplifies the power of Unstable Ember to 140 damage, 180 in total against Structures.

With siege, the Fire Stalker has an effective ATK of 910.

Notes & Strategies

Fire Stalker is one of the most versatile units, but depends heavily upon the strategic use of Inner Fire to make the most of this card.

Running these units in swarms is the most effective method to inflict large swathes of damage.

Campaign PvE

Fire Stalkers are excellent for general gameplay, capable of dispatching mid-game foes with relative ease. Their capacity for siege allows them to function rather independantly from other units here.

Random PvE

Fire Stalkers can be useful for clearing towers and nuking spawn buildings up to the T3 monument, and thanks to their ability to switch combat styles, they can also get right into the thick of the fight.


Fire Stalkers are an excellent mid-game siege unit for players who do not own or have not upgraded Firedancer Card Icon.png Firedancer. Despite this card being overshadowed almost completely by such a card, they still retain value to a number of decks. Particularly Fire/Nature thanks to the aid of healing and CC.


  • Can switch between sieging and skirmishing at will.

Thanks to Fire Stalker Inner Fire Ability Icon.png Inner Fire, the Fire Stalker can choose when to move quickly and strike in melee, and when to slow down and bombard the enemy at range. This offers a great deal of control to the user.

  • Fire Stalkers generous orb requirements allow it to be used with other factions easily.

Thanks to its orb lineup, Fire Stalkers can be paired with cards that can ease its weaknesses, and compliment it in battle.


  • Fire Stalkers put out below average DP20 when sieging.

Due to Fire Stalkers slow rate of fire with Fire Stalker Card Icon.png Unstable Ember. It's capacity to inflict damage is rather low compared to other cards.

  • Firedancer Card Icon.png Firedancer is often regarded as being better in most attributes.

While Fire Stalkers are certainly versatile and effective, they are generally overshadowed by the Firedancer Card Icon.png Firedancer. Who's immense siege power grants her unparalleled mid-game offense, even despite her slower movement.


Upgrade Cards

WIP - Coming Soon

Upgrade Drop Locations

Fire Stalker Card Icon.png Fire Stalker Upgrade I Upgrade II Upgrade III
Map name Siege of Hope Minimap.jpg Siege of Hope Siege of Hope Minimap.jpg Siege of Hope Siege of Hope Minimap.jpg Siege of Hope
Map difficulty Standard Advanced Expert
Drop percentage 3.7% 4.55% 4.55%

Patch History

This card has not been changed yet, compared to its original appearence in BattleForge.

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