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Fire is one of the nine playable Factions in BattleForge. It is represented by the colour red; all Fire cards have a red border.

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Fire Cards are the most offensive ones in BattleForge. It focuses on rushing early in the game, and halting the enemy's ability to build higher-tier units. Due to the aggressive theme of Fire cards, Fire cards often have high attack and low health. Many of them also have Siege, which grants extra damage against Buildings. Fire has some of the strongest first tier creatures. Additionally, the faction possesses some of the best instant direct damage Spells. While Shadow is also capable of a lot of damage, Fire's spells usually come without a drawback like friendly fire and are more straightforward to use.


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Fire was one of the first elements, created from the rageful tears that the first slayer had shed, forming the stars in the sky. It is aimless, rash and full of rage, but unparalleled in strength. It is the primal wrath that is the fuel of all conflict.

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