There are nine factions in BattleForge, each represented by a different color combination. Four of the factions are monocolored, requiring at least some orbs of one color. The other five factions are dual colored, requiring at least orbs of two different colors. Legendary cards do not belong to any faction and can be summoned with any orb colors.

Each monocolored faction has a different soundtrack that plays depending on the first orb summoned in a match. Monocolored units from the Twilight Edition have special voice lines if units from other factions are nearby.


Faction Icon Fire.png Fire Faction Icon Frost.png Frost Faction Icon Nature.png Nature Faction Icon Shadow.png Shadow
Faction Preview Icon Fire.png
Faction Preview Icon Frost.png
Faction Preview Icon Nature.png
Faction Preview Icon Shadow.png


Faction Icon Fire Nature.png Twilight Faction Icon Nature Frost.png Stonekin Faction Icon Frost Shadow.png Lost Souls Faction Icon Fire Shadow.png Bandits Faction Icon Nature Shadow.png Amii
Faction Preview Icon Twilight.png
Faction Preview Icon Stonekin.png
Faction Preview Icon Lost Souls.png
Faction Preview Icon Bandits.png
Faction Preview Icon Amii.png


Faction Icon Legendary.png Legendary
Faction Preview Icon Legendary.png
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