Skylords Reborn

Emberstrike is a Tier 4 (Tokenslot Orb Neutral.pngTokenslot Orb Neutral.pngTokenslot Orb Neutral.pngTokenslot Orb Fire.png) Icon Unit.pngUnit of the Fire faction. This common card was released with the Twilight Edition and has no affinity variants, nor a promo version.
In Skylords Reborn this card is available to all players as a starter card.

This card has been changed already, compared to its original appearance in BattleForge.

A very versatile creature. The Emberstrike is powerful and cheap, but its counter type and size make it seldom seen.



We watched it fall and fall, slashing the sky with red light, twinkling magnificently,a jewel of the heavens on its majestic descent to the earth. The villagers around me oohed and aahed, holding up their children to witness the glory of light and sound that marked the star's descent, gasping as it finally struck the ground.
As we reached the impact site everyone was already whispering of star-faeries, heaven-gold and of course quarreling about whose wishes were to be fulfilled first. But when something stirred in the sea of molten rock where the fire had hit the earth, as IT finally rose in a wake of flames, the villagers very soon discovered that this faerie had but a single wish to grant...
— “A year and a night” — Stories from the Bladestorm Frontier

Card Info

Fire Lance
Power Cost: 20
Emberstrike Fire Lance Ability Icon.png
Card Icon Active.png Active: Activate to shoot a fire lance through enemies in a straight line, dealing 1050 / 1100 / 1200 / 1300 damage to enemies, up to 2900 / 2960 / 3100 / 3250 in total. Reusable every 20 seconds.
Fiery Birth
Card Icon Passive.png Passive: When being spawned the unit is undazed and causes an explosion that deals 900 damage to enemy entities in target area, up to 2700 in total. Can be spawned nearby enemy units and structures excluding walls. Knocks back small and medium units. Affects ground targets only.

Notes & Strategies

Thanks to its forgiving power cost and versatile orb arrangement, this card can be incorporated into many decks. Its combat proficiency is well suited to an expendable frontline bruiser, putting out a great deal of harm before being killed.

Summoning them in the middle of a fight can be useful thanks to Fiery Birth.

Campaign PvE

Emberstrikes combat strength makes them ineffective at defeating large, powerful creatures like the Bandit Soulhunter Entity Icon.png Bandit Soulhunter or the Twilight Hulk Entity Icon.png Twilight Hulk on their own, but in numbers they can put up a fight.

Fire Lance allows them to engage foes like the Bandit Windhunter Entity Icon.png Bandit Windhunter and Twilight Creep Entity Icon.png Twilight Creep without being helpless.

Card Upgrades & Drop Locations

Displayed below are the card's upgrades and where to obtain them.

Emberstrike Card Icon.png Emberstrike Upgrade I Upgrade II Upgrade III
Upgrade Card
Lifepoints +40
Fire Lance
+50 damage per target, 60 in total
Lifepoints +275
Fire Lance
+100 damage per target, 140 in total
Lifepoints +325
Fire Lance
+100 damage per target, 150 in total
Drop Location Encounters with Twilight Minimap.jpg Encounters with Twilight Encounters with Twilight Minimap.jpg Encounters with Twilight Encounters with Twilight Minimap.jpg Encounters with Twilight
Scenario Difficulty Standard Advanced Expert


Patch History

Patch #400030
  • Passive ability Card Icon Passive.png Fiery Birth:
    • Adjusted description to mention that the unit can be spawned nearby enemy units and structures excluding walls.
Patch #400022
  • Active ability Emberstrike Fire Lance Ability Icon.png Fire Lance:
    • Decreased activation cost from 50 to 20 energy.
    • Decreased cooldown from 30 to 20 seconds.
    • Increased damage from 850 / 900 / 1000 / 1100 (1300 / 1360 / 1500 / 1650 in total) to 1050 / 1100 / 1200 / 1300 (2900 / 2960 / 3100 / 3250 in total).
  • Passive ability Firey Birth:
    • Unit is now always being spawned undazed.
    • Minimum distance to be spawned near enemy buildings reduced from 10m to 0m (still 10m for walls).
    • Increased damage on all upgrades from 500 (750 in total) to 900 (2700 in total).

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