Elyon is a 1v1 PvP map that is unlocked by default. There is an official spectator version available.

Elyon is a map with a very dominant center position, though it is possible for both players to occupy it at the same time.


File:Elyon Plot 1.ogg Template:Map data Elyon
— The Aedai Chronicles


Patch History

Patch #400028
  • Starting positions (Wells and Monument) were slightly moved towards the map's centre.
  • Starting positions of player 1 and 2 were swapped.
  • Increased starting wall construction cost from 25 to 50 energy.
    • This wall is no longer pre-built at the start of the game.
  • Increased all player's starting void power from 400 to 425.
    • This results in the same starting void as before if the player destroyed the wall immediately.
  • Wells at positions 1 slightly repositioned to reduce cliffing opportunities.
  • Monuments added at positions 2 to reduce overall map control gained by center control.
  • The Minimap has been updated accordingly.

Elyon Minimap Old.jpg🡫🡩1122


New Minimap

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