Skylords Reborn
Skylords Reborn

Four editions have been released for BattleForge. In Skylords Reborn all four sets come from the same Booster Packs.

Rarity / Edition Twilight Edition Renegade Edition Lost Souls Edition Amii Edition Skylords Reborn Edition
Common Edition Icon Twilight Common.png Edition Icon Renegade Common.png Edition Icon Lost Souls Common.png Edition Icon Amii Common.png Coming Soon
Uncommon Edition Icon Twilight Uncommon.png Edition Icon Renegade Uncommon.png Edition Icon Lost Souls Uncommon.png Edition Icon Amii Uncommon.png Coming Soon
Rare Edition Icon Twilight Rare.png Edition Icon Renegade Rare.png Edition Icon Lost Souls Rare.png Edition Icon Amii Rare.png Coming Soon
Ultra Rare Edition Icon Twilight Ultra Rare.png Edition Icon Renegade Ultra Rare.png Edition Icon Lost Souls Ultra Rare.png Edition Icon Amii Ultra Rare.png Coming Soon

Release order of Editions

The currently avaialable editions in order of release are:

  1. Twilight Edition
  2. Renegade Edition
  3. Lost Souls Edition
  4. Amii Edition


  • Only for the first edition, the edition symbol changes slightly as the rarity increases.