Skylords Reborn

Economy in Skylords Reborn involves two currencies, BFP and Gold. It entails two ways to amass your collection, getting cards from booster packs, and/or trading cards with other players.


BattleForge Points[]

BattleForge Points (BFP) is one of two currencies in Skylords Reborn. Unlike in BattleForge you will not be able to to buy this currency with real money anymore. In Skylords Reborn, you will have to earn it through playing the game. BattleForge Points are used to buy Boosters and for trading Cards with other players.

BattleForge points can be acquired by:

  • Selling cards for BFPs in the Marketplace.
  • Trading cards with other players for BFP.
  • Completing daily Quests.

BattleForge Points are not to be confused with the third currency Battle Tokens, which were earned from Ranked PvP matches, the Battlegrounds (often called Random PvE or rPvE for short), and through the use of the Element of Conversion at the end of normal PvE scenarios; and were used to claim Upgrades. Battle Tokens will not be a part of Skylords Reborn.


The second currency in Skylords Reborn is G Icon gold (g). Gold is earned by finding and opening gold chests in PvE scenarios and completing both PvE and PvP matches.

Gold is currently used for three things:

  • Sending mail which costs 1 gold.
  • Posting Auctions which costs from 1 to 60 gold, depending on the card's rarity and auction duration.
  • Upgrading cards which costs between 50 and 6000 gold, depending on the card's rarity and the level of upgrade.


  • Gold sending through mail will be no longer supported in Skylords Reborn.

The small gold fee helps prevent mail spamming and mass-reselling in the Auction House.


The Marketplace is the menu where you can buy boosters and access the Auction House.


Like in any trading card game you can buy Booster Packs to get random new cards to add to your collection.

Auction House[]

In the Auction House (abbreviated as AH), players can auction their cards to other players. Everyone can establish their own prices and decide if a card is worth such a price. Auctions use BFP as currency, and listing an auction costs some gold in order to prevent spamming.

Players can pick to either Buyout a card (pay the full price for the card and buy it out right) or they can bid for a card (other players can bid against you) and the player with the highest bid at the end of the auction duration gets the card.

Players can pick to put a card onto the Auction House for a duration of very long (48 hours), long (24 hours), medium (8 hours) or short (2 hours).

Trading with Players[]

In addition to using the Auction House, there are two ways to trade with a specific person in BattleForge: direct trading or trading by the mail system.

Direct Trading[]

Players are able to trade cards directly with players, besides in the Auction House. This works by right-clicking on a players name and selecting invite to trade. Both players can show each other which non-upgraded cards they want to trade, and try to get to an agreement, then they can lock, and accept the trade.

Trading by Mail[]

Players are also able to trade cards by the mail system. In the old BattleForge you could trade gold by mail, however in Skylords Reborn this will be disabled to try and prevent multi-accounting. Trading by Mail is highly discouraged to prevent possibility of scamming. Only use this method if you are dealing with a Reputable trader and even then it’s ill-advised.


  • When BattleForge went live, players could auction and purchase boosters from other players. However, this ability was removed in the first patch.
  • In old BattleForge, a booster used to cost 250 BFP but it was then increased to 499.
  • Originally Tomes could be purchased that contained 6 Booster Packs, that could be opened and added you your collection. But this feature was later removed and now can only be used for a limited duration, after they expire you loose the cards all together. Tomes might not be a part of Skylords Reborn.
  • Simple random cards used to cost 2 BFP. Consisted of mainly common with 5% chance to acquire an uncommon.