Skylords Reborn

A deck is a set of up to twenty cards that the player chooses before starting a match. The cards in the deck will be the only cards available to the player during the match. The currently selected deck is displayed on the deck bar on the bottom of the screen.

Making A Deck[]

After joining Skylords Reborn and logging in, the first thing you will need to do is create a deck to be able to play the game. To do that, you need to click on the three cards in the top menu. This will show you a list of cards that you own on the left hand side. You can sort these cards by: number of orbs (the dots on the top right corner of each card), factions (the card/orb color), creatures, buildings and spells.

Cards can be added to a deck by dragging the cards from the card collection to the deck bar at the bottom of the screen or by simply double left-clicking on the card you wish to add.

When creating a deck you first need to think about which orbs you want to choose. Decide if you want to play e.g. pure Frost (blue, blue, blue, blue) or Twilight (green, red, green, red). Which colors and in which order is up to you. Remember that if you do not have orbs with colors matching the icons on a card you are unable to play that card! An empty orb icon means that for that card you do not need any specific color. Legendary cards do not require any colored orbs at all, however, only one of each legendary unit or building can be on the map at any given time.

In game you will start with one orb, later get a second, third and fourth orb. The more orbs a card requires, the more powerful it is. But for starting off, cards with one orb are necessary in order to be able to claim the next monument and so on.

Having one-orb units from more then one faction, seems to be useless in most cases. While you will be able to play one-orb creatures from the second faction, you are already able to play two-orb cards, which are stronger. Sometimes having a one-orb card from another color is worth it, though!

Deckbuilding Example[]

We are playing a Bandit deck, and our orb summoning order will be red, purple, red, purple.

First we need some one-orb red cards. At least one creature!

Then some red+empty, purple+empty and red+purple cards.

Next we need to search for three-orb cards. The cards can require up to two red orbs, and up to one purple orb.

And to finish it we will then choose some four-orb cards, with up to two red and two purple orbs required.