Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards, sometimes referred to as the BFP System, grant players BFP Icon.png and discounts for time spent in-game and are part of the Progression System in Skylords Reborn. It is the primary form of income of BFP besides Quests and Achievements.


Daily boost.png
The daily rewards as they appear in-game.
You can obtain BFP by simply spending time in matches. The amount of BFP you gain is influenced by the daily boost and the reserve.

The Daily Boost

Every day you can earn the BFP stored inside the daily boost by playing matches for 45 minutes. At the start of each day 250 BFP is added to the daily boost. Additionally, if you are unable to drain your daily boost completely, up to 40% of the remaining boost will carry over for the next day. At most you can save 100 additional BFP for the next day and your daily boost has a maximum capacity of 550 BFP.

This means that even if you miss a few days you can still earn a good portion of your granted daily boost once you find the time to play. The boost is represented by a blue bar.

The Reserve

After your daily boost runs out, you are still able to earn BFP from the reserve. The rate at which you can earn them is determined by the amount of BFP it has stored. A higher amount will allow you to drain the reserve more quickly but it gets slower and slower the less you have. The reserve refills at a constant rate of 10 BFP per hours and its maximum capacity is 200 BFP.

The reserve is represented by a green bar.

Booster Discount

Once per day you get granted a 100 BFP discount on any Booster of your choosing from the Store. For this you also have to spend 45 minutes playing matches. Of course Boosters you bought can also be traded with other players if you decide you do not want to open them. Booster discount.png

Patch History

Pre-Release Patch #400002
  • The Daily Rewards System has been added.

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