Skylords Reborn

Curse of Oink is a Tier 2 (Tokenslot Orb Neutral.pngTokenslot Orb Nature.png) Icon Spell.pngSpell of the Nature faction. This common card was released with the Twilight Edition and has no affinity variants, nor a promo version.
In Skylords Reborn this card is available to all players as a starter card.

A very valuable spell that transforms enemy units into pigs. One of the best spells in the game as a result.


This card has no associated lore.

Card Info

Transforms up to 5 / 7 / 10 / 10 enemy units into pigs for 15 seconds. Affected units may neither move nor attack. After 5 seconds they will be retransformed if being attacked. After the effect wears off, targets are immune against Oink for a while. Reusable every 20 seconds.

Notes & Strategies

Curse of Oink can be one of the most powerful spells, not only in natures arsenal, but the entire game. At U-3 it can porkify a whole army!

The first five seconds of this spell are fair-game to attack with impunity. The remaining ten seconds will force a creature out of its pig stasis if they receive damage.

The best way to utilize Curse of Oink is to abuse the first five seconds as much as possible. Then single out targets among the group while leaving the rest still oinked.

AoE or attacks that damage multiple opponents do not go well with Oink, often reactivating an oinked army.

Campaign PvE

Curse of Oink can be a lifesaver on many PvE maps. The instant stasis effect can give you plenty of breathing room and regroup for a counterattack, and can also be used to provide a buffer when attacking.

Random PvE

Oink provides similar benefits in RPvE, where the stasising of an attacking enemy force or enemy camp can sometimes be the difference between success and failure

Card Upgrades & Drop Locations

Displayed below are the card's upgrades and where to obtain them.

Curse of Oink Card Icon.png Curse of Oink Upgrade I Upgrade II Upgrade III
Upgrade Card
Curse of Oink
+2 transformed targets
Curse of Oink
+3 transformed targets
Curse of Oink
-10 power cost
Drop Location Mo Minimap.jpg Mo Mo Minimap.jpg Mo Mo Minimap.jpg Mo
Scenario Difficulty Standard Advanced Expert


Patch History

This card has not been changed yet, compared to its original appearance in BattleForge.

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