Skylords Reborn

Crowd Control (CC) is a term used to describe any effect--regardless of origin--that directly inhibits a creatures ability to move, fight, or behave normally.

Crowd Control varies in its intensity and methods, but all factions are capable of performing some form of CC.

CC is identified--alphabetically for your conveniance--as follows:

  • Charming
  • Confusion
  • Disables
  • Disentegration
  • Freezing
  • Immobilization
  • Knockback
  • Mind Control
  • Movement Reduction
  • Paralysis
  • Provocation
  • Sleep
  • Spellblocking

Each will be explained in detail below.


Charming is a form of CC that bears similarities to Mind Control, but is not the same total effect. It is exclusively cast by units and allows the user to obtain control of a targeted enemy for a finite amount of time, but prevents the use of destruction to kill the affected creature.

Only two cards are able to use a Charming ability:


Confusion is a form of CC that effectively renders a unit incapable of distinguishing between friend and foe. This is an incredibly potent effect that can disorganize enemy pushes and reap chaos throughout opposing ranks. However, one must be wary to not let friendly units get affected, lest it backfire.

Only three cards are able to cast a confusion effect:


Disables are a form of CC that--akin to its namesake--disables a targets special abilities and/or attack capabilities. The effects of disables vary, but most commonly involve disabling special abilities and ranged attacks. They are one of the more powerful forms of CC despite not affecting movement or control.

Only ten cards are able to use and/or cast a disable effect:


Disentegration is a special form of CC that immobilizes an enemy, and gradually destroys it over time until it vanishes from existence. It is by no means a fast form of CC but if done correctly and supported disentegration can be one of the strongest types of Crowd Control, almost superior to any other.

Only four cards are able to use disentegrating effects:


Freezing is a common and popular form of CC among frost players, for its safe and reliable method of controlling enemy targets. Frozen units are immobilized, completely disabled, and take 50% less damage from all attacks (with exceptions). These combine to make an incredibly strong CC that is hard to beat.

Thirteen cards are able to use and/or cast a freezing effect:


Immobilization is a common, and popular form of CC which prevents enemy creatures from moving. Incredibly strong in most circumstances since it allows players to avoid fights alltogether, or leave opponents helpless against a ranged barrage.

Only six cards can use/cast an immobilization effect:


Knockback is the most common form of CC, a trait all Large and Extra Large creatures possess, along with some Medium creatures holding the Trample passive. Knockback is the simplest method of Crowd Control, as it knocks around enemy creatures and disrupts their attacks.

All Large and Extra Large creatures are capable of knockback. The following cards are SPECIFICALLY tailored to knockback:

Mind Control[]

Mind Control is a more advanced, but often costlier version of charming. Which provides PERMANENT control over an enemy, rather than temporarily. This can have many tactical benefits, sometimes filling in holes in a deck by taking over valuable enemy targets.

Only three cards can use/cast mind control:

Movement Reduction[]

Movement Reduction is a minor form of CC that can be valuable in some situations. While total immobilization may be greater in its benefit, movement reduction has the advantage of often not costing power to utilize which makes it cost-effective.

Only 9 cards can apply Movement Reduction:


A form of CC similar to freezing, it similarly immobilizes targets and renders them unable to perform any actions. But it does not come with the damage resistance as freezing does, which makes it a more damage-oriented effect. Though its duration often is shorter than a freeze.

Only eight cards can apply paralysis:


Provoke is a very finite CC that is limited to a tiny number of cards. It's effects force an enemy to target the caster of the ability that provoked it, enabling these cards to essentially divert firepower from an enemy onto itself for a while.

Only three cards can provoke:


Sleep is another finite form of CC that has excellent tactical applicability, as it essentially knocks units out of the fight temporarily until they are attacked and woken up, upon which they continue fighting. This makes it--like paralysis--a very powerful Crowd Control method.

Only three cards can apply sleep:


Spellblocking is the final form of CC, and another finite one at that. It essentially creates areas where summoning or using cards alltogether is prohibited or highly unadvised. Which makes it powerful for PvP where it can deny the other player from summoning his units.

Only four cards can apply spellblocking effects: