Skylords Reborn
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In Skylords Reborn besides regular Campaign PvE, Battlegrounds (RPvE) and the official PvP maps, players can also play custom-made community maps. These maps can be then uploaded to the server to be available for download to the player base. Such Community maps can be created with the Map Editor and can either be PvE or PvP.

Play Community Maps[]

To play a community map, you first need to get the map as a .pak file. There are 2 ways to get a community map shown for lobby creation ingame:

  • In the game, maps can be downloaded directly by accessing the World Map and then either selecting Sparring Grounds - Unranked PvP for PvP Community Maps or User Generated Maps for PvE Community Maps.
  • Before starting the game you can manually save a .pak file in your community maps folder named map.
    • If you do not have this folder already, you can create it under the following path: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\BattleForge.

Afterward, the added community map will be listed in the respective section of PvE or PvP.

Available Maps[]

A few community maps have been selected to be permanently available and pre-downloaded for all players by default.

Map name Number of players Authors
Atraos 1-player scenario StevenDriesner
Awakening 2-player scenario Scairus
Cry for help! 1-player scenario Darg0
Dead Ice 2-player scenario Ockelmann + Elias
The Dwarfen Stronghold 4-player scenario LInsoDeTeh
Dignified 1-player scenario Jan Kuntscher
Get strong enough 2-player scenario Marcel Schanz + Martin Fischer
Greenhell 1-player scenario Yves Baumgarte
Heart of Corruption 1-player scenario Arvid Hahn
Just Cold 1-player scenario Luke
Phlegethons Raid 1-player scenario Timm Boukoura
Ruins of Zaebos 1-player scenario Jan Ried
Twisted Legends - 0.998 4-player scenario Omelie

Additional maps can be uploaded by any player and are downloadable then in the respective community map section of PvE or PvP.

Create Community Maps[]

For more information on how to create your own community map visit the page Map Creation.

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