Card Upgrades are a useful opportunity to improve the power of your cards. This may change their stats, costs or abilities. Some cards even gain completely new abilities when upgraded. Card Upgrades and additional charges increase your deck level. Each card can be upgraded up to three times.

Upgrades can be obtained as reward from Player versus Environmental Missions or be bought with Tokens earned in Randomly Generated Player versus Environment missions and Player versus Player matches.

Through upgrading your decks gain level. Each Upgrade and each additional charge on the card raises the deck level by 1. The maximum reachable decklevel is 120.

$ \displaystyle20\text{ Cards}\cdot\big(\frac{3\text{ Level}}{\text{Upgrade}}+\frac{3\text{ Level}}{\text{Charge}}\big) $

Costs for Upgrading

Costs for Upgrading the cards vary on the rarity of the to be upgraded card. You also need to unlock the Upgrade first by buying it with Tokens or dropping it randomly in PVE missions. The additional charges require 1 copy of the card for each charge added.

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